Civic leaders chosen by voters this year will be faced with understanding weighty issues and making far-reaching decisions that will impact the direction of Williamson County for years to come.

Today, Williamson County residents benefit from wise decisions and investments made in the past by community leaders who took a long view. Now it’s up to voters to make sure that this next group of elected leaders has similar vision and knowledge to make decisions to insure the continued prosperity of future generations of Williamson County residents.

Members of the Williamson County Business PAC take such voter responsibility seriously. A volunteer group comprised of business leaders and active community members from differing backgrounds, board members are drawn together by a common passion – long-term livability and prosperity of Williamson County.

Our county faces unprecedented challenges in the short and long terms to maintain our high K-12

educational standards, provide law enforcement with manpower and tools to protect a growing population and maintain the standard of living attractive to new and well-established businesses alike.

The business community and Williamson County residents have entrusted the PAC to rise above divisive, political dialogue and make sure that voters are educated about which candidates are most qualified to understand these issues and provide solutions. Our members take that role seriously and have spent countless hours interviewing candidates running for election in 2018.

We are proud to endorse candidates who articulate a clear vision for the future of Williamson County, and who have the experience, expertise and credibility to lead us all through these critical, but exciting, times.

We value all persons who are committed to public service. We are most appreciative of those candidates who have given their time to sit down with us and engage in 45- to 90-minute candid nonpartisan discussions. We are clear-eyed about the opportunities for Williamson County, as well as the challenges that come with growth and an evolving economic picture.

All of us as members of the Williamson County community, through these elections, hold the future of our County and our community in our hands, and the work of the PAC will continue as elections come and go.

We thank all of the voters for considering our endorsements and taking the time to learn about the

candidates and their positions on issues prior to entering the voting booth.

The PAC’s endorsements are HERE.

Signed: Williamson Business PAC Board

Cherie Hammond, Chairman; Mark Cleveland, Vice Chairman

Marcy Shelton, Secretary; Clint McCain, Treasurer

Nelson Andrews, Member; Paula Cirulli, Member; Bryan Echols, Member

Devin McClendon, Member; Matt Milligan, Member