To the Editor:

It appears less than three percent of eligible Franklin voters have turned out for early voting in the Alderman’s races.

The Franklin Board of Mayor and Aldermen have a lot to say about the present and future of Franklin. They are involved in street and road development, parks management, historic overlays, city budgeting and the overall quality of life in Franklin.

With the challenges of rapid growth before us, voters need to be and should be involved.  Please vote.

As a part of this, I endorse Michael Skinner in his reelection bid.

I am not in Mr. Skinner’s ward but  aldermen vote on issues that affect the city overall, not only their ward.  So while I can’t technically vote for him, I support his reelection.

I have not always agreed with Mr. Skinner’s positions but I know he supports what he thinks is best for all of Franklin.  He has worked tirelessly over the last several years on everything from historic preservation to sidewalks and deserves to continue as a Franklin Alderman.

So get out and vote, and if you can, vote for Mike Skinner.

Greg Wade

Century Oak Drive

Franklin, TN