To the Editor:

Thank you for your column on the NFL and the flag.

Everything you point out to my knowledge, is true. The Supreme Court years ago upheld folks right to even destroy the flag in protest. It has been a tough area of interpreting where to draw the line.

However, it seems you miss the point.  I can walk into my boss’s office and cuss him out. I won’t go to jail, but I can be fired. The First Amendment is not without consequence. Under the First Amendment I cannot act in a threatening way to that same boss, nor can I cause chaos with my words. The Supreme Court has ruled on that as well.

Those of us outraged by these players are not upset they wish to make a social comment, right or wrong. They are simply doing it at the wrong place. I come from a military family, a family which has given blood so that flag will fly. I was taught at a young age to stand at attention when it went by. That doesn’t mean the USA is perfect, but the concept of what the flag stands for is something to aim for. As a reminder, Google the flag raising on Iwo Jima. Only three of the six who raised that flag made it home. See the emotion in this?

I wonder where the pushback in all of this has been when a player or coach  “kneels” to pray or show support for slain police officers etc. etc.? The NFL is picking sides about what they allow and what they don’t. Within their right. And it is the right of the fan to quit going to the games or boo when they come out.

As far as the league is concerned, it is all about money. They are trying to pacify players and using gimmicks to get past it. They will likely win in the process. Now let’s see a column about domestic violence, drug abuse and the concussion cover ups the NFL is dealing with.

Thank you again.  It takes courage to write a column whether I agree with it or not.

Greg Wade


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