To the Editor:

I’m a student at Ravenwood High School, and I decided to get involved and volunteer with the Marsha for Senate campaign because this election is going to impact the future of our state and of our nation.

Everyone needs to get involved with this historic election, and help however they can so that President Trump can have an ally in the Senate that will help him cut taxes, secure the border, and fight Planned Parenthood. The great thing about this election is that anything you can do helps. Anything from knocking doors, making phone calls, or putting a sign in your yard helps in this election.

Tennessee’s election will determine who controls Senate, and it is especially important that young people get involved. Young conservatives are everywhere but our voices are often overshadowed. Young people need to get out, voice their opinions, and steer our country in the right direction. Marsha Blackburn will take Tennessee values to Washington D.C., and she will fight to make sure that Tennessee’s future is bright. Go Marsha!

Mark Hancock

Brentwood 37027