To the Editor:

With vacations about to end and school starting soon, let’s not forget one of the most important events taking place this summer – our local elections!

Early Voting is taking place now through Saturday, July 28th. Election Day is August 2 – only ONE WEEK away.

As a father of two school-age children and longtime resident of District #4, I urge you to vote for Gregg Lawrence and Chad Story for your TWO District 4 Williamson County Commissioners and Andy Voyles for our District #4 Williamson County School Board Representative.

Knowing each of these gentlemen personally, I can strongly attest that each candidate is best qualified to fill those very important positions in our local government.

For too many years, our local representatives have “kicked the can down the road” in terms of making hard decisions about the challenges we face in our local communities.  We have serious growth, funding and increasing debt issues in our county. Their opponents, based on their own comments, do not offer any new solutions other than to raise taxes and fund projects blindly without long-term plans in place.

In contrast, the three candidates I support possess excellent skill sets, proven track records, and the ability to think “outside the box” when addressing difficult issues. As they have outlined their ideas and possible solutions for tackling growth, infrastructure, and school funding and capacity, they all have demonstrated a strong interest and drive to invest their considerable financial and operational backgrounds, expertise, and the insights needed to bring valid solutions to these complex problems.

It is encouraging to hear Commissioner Lawrence – who saved the county $10M with his recommendation to bid out the county health care administration – address the importance for our county to have LONG TERM financial planning and forecasting in place so our elected officials can make wise and strategic decisions based on facts and not just on year-to-year needs and wants.

It is refreshing to listen to their thoughtful, insightful and realistic responses, to the tough questions that have been asked of them and how they plan to serve when elected.

One of their competitors said she did not have sufficient time to serve again on the school board, but then wants to run for county commissioner. This busy county deserves county commissioners and school board representative who have the time and energy to serve, are willing to put in the many hours and above all, who will use the talents and gifts and their career acumen to tackle the looming issues that come with rapid growth, a successful county and the education of our children. I can assure you they will give every effort to address each concern and identify the best solutions.

Gregg, Chad and Andy have the skills and dedication that will enable them to thoughtfully and effectively serve our community.  I urge you vote for each of them.  They are by far the best choices for District #4.

Thank you.

Edmond Lewis Whitfield 

Franklin, TN 37067