To the Editor:

Our mission, as a non-partisan voice and trusted resource for the community, compels us to weigh in on certain elections and to engage on policy issues that drive the long term prosperity of Williamson County.

After careful consideration, the Williamson Business PAC completely supports a “YES” vote in the referendum on a sales tax increase because this is a sound strategy for investment in Williamson County Schools.  As business community leaders, we recognize that our schools are a compelling asset that continues to draw talented people to our region.

Our success in attracting, as well as growing high quality companies in this community, means we are growing fast and this presents a funding challenge to the county.  Not only is new construction an issue, but increased operating expenses follow our increasing student population.  Property taxes are an effective means of funding these needs, but using multiple funding sources avoids placing the entire burden on one revenue source.

We appreciate the concept of dedicating taxes to necessary outcomes.  The sales tax increase, consisting of an additional fifty cents on a $100 purchase, provides a continuing source of additional revenue.  This revenue is dedicated in the first three years to renovating and expanding existing school facilities and constructing new schools.  In future years, half this revenue can be used by Williamson County Schools for operating expenses while the other half is used by our cities for public services.

No one likes a tax increase, but we have an obligation to meet legitimate public needs.  The use of a combination of property tax and sales tax revenue can responsibly contribute to this obligation.  By increasing the sale tax we get the added benefit of collecting significant revenue from out of town visitors and shoppers.

We encourage Williamson County voters to support our schools and our students by voting in favor of the referendum. Please remember to continue to be purposeful about “buying local” and supporting businesses that operate in our county and serve the community.

Early voting is from Jan. 17 to Feb. 1, and the Election Day is Feb. 6.  If it is the will of the voters, then every day after that, when you buy products and services from a business operating in Williamson county, you are supporting our schools.

Thank you.

Clint McCain

Executive Board Member, Williamson Business PAC

 Vice President, Commercial Banking

4824 Main Street, Suite A

Spring Hill, TN 37174