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This weekend as we celebrate our country’s birthday, we recognize this as the unofficial mid-point of summer with lots of fun still to come! 

Family and friends will be gathering together to enjoy the holiday and if you are hosting at your home, you probably want to tidy up the patio or deck area and show your outdoor furniture a little love before the guests arrive. 

By this time of summer you have been cutting grass regularly which means the outdoor furniture and everything near it may be a bit dusty, not to mention the pollen which is in great supply on every surface this year!

There are many types of cleaning products available and each has a specific use. Take a look at the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations for your furniture and start with the mildest products that will get the job done.  Sometimes giving furniture a quick wipe with a damp cloth or vacuuming the cushions may be all that is needed to freshen the look with little effort. 

If the cleaning project is more involved with stains or other issues, making a mixture of a few teaspoons of mild dishwashing soap and water in a spray bottle can be used to spot clean or used for larger areas along with a good rinse with a hose. 

You may have to ramp up the cleaning solution to oil-based soaps, ammonia or even some bleach based on the issue or material to be cleaned. Always test the cleaning product in a small, inconspicuous spot with whatever cleaning product you choose to be certain it won’t damage the item and choose non-abrasive cloths, brushes and sponges for your project so you don’t damage the furniture or fabric’s finish. 

Once cleaned and dry, if appropriate, you may want to use a spray fabric protector product on cushions to help lessen the effort needed to clean in the future. If you have wooden furniture you may want to consider a light sanding and application of a natural oil, stain, paint or UV protectant as recommended by the manufacturer to refresh and protect against outside elements especially if the furniture is stored outside over winter.

By taking a little time for some mid-season outdoor maintenance now, you will be party-ready and be able to enjoy the holiday and the rest of the summer!

Wishing you and your family a Happy Independence Day!

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