Fall leaves

With cooler weather around the corner, it is a good time for a little fall maintenance before winter hits.

Here are a few great tips you can use to be better prepared.

1. If you like the ambience of a wood burning fireplace — take the time and money to have the chimney and firebox inspected by professionals. Be sure to clean before your first fire of the season. You will enjoy the "safety" of these projects the entire season.

2. Be sure to shut off exterior faucets and drain garden hoses. Move the hoses and other items that may freeze indoors during the cold season to avoid freezing. Check to see that all water is removed from exterior pipes.

3. Cold weather season is not a good time to discover roof problems. Check your roof (binoculars do this beautifully). Hire a professional if you notice missing or damaged shingles. Water, ice, snow and even wind will do serious damage to compromised roof and may cause interior problems, too,

4. Call your favorite furnace company and ask for a no-cost inspection to give you peace of mind about receiving warm air when it is cold outside. Remember to change the filters to keep things clean and fresh to insure good airflow throughout the entire home.

5. Grab your caulking gun and fill in the gaps around pipes and wiring that enter your home. Seal around doors and windows to create a tight seal that keeps cold air out and warm air inside. This will also discourage mice, insects and water from entering your home.

6. As you enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage, keep in mind those leaves will fall off. Be sure to keep the gutters on your home free of debris that will block the water flow. Downspouts and gutters are critical for keeping water directed away from your home foundation.

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