It is now sweater and soup  weather. Fall is upon us and along with that comes the regular use of heat in our homes. Did you turn off all the ceiling fans in your home when you switched over to heat side of the thermostat?  

If you are among those who turn off the ceiling fans in the winter, your home may not be as comfortable as it could be and depending on the ceiling height, you could actually be spending more on your heating bill than you need to keep your living space cozy through the winter months.

In the summer, ceiling fans should turn counterclockwise which helps move air downward creating a slight "wind chill" effect. In the winter when you are heating your home, the heat naturally rises and cold air sinks. If you reverse the direction of the fans to clockwise the fan blades will move the cold air upwards pushing the warm air downward back into the living space. By running your ceiling fans on the lowest setting in the winter it can gently circulate the heated air and possibly allow you to turn down the thermostat a few degrees but not notice any difference in comfort level.

Most ceiling fans have a small switch near the light fixture above the blades to change the direction. To change the fan direction, turn the fan off and let it stop spinning. Move the switch and then turn the fan back on.  And just one friendly housekeeping note to add about fan reversal is to take the opportunity while the fans are off to clean the blades before reversing the direction so you don't have tiny dust bunnies flying all over your rooms! 

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