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MARCH 24, 2020


1920 Parade Drive (includes lots 22, 23, 83, and 86)BrentwoodTraditions; Buyer: Drees Premier Homes Inc; Seller: Whistler Farms LLC; $1,435,000. 

1570 Woodberry CourtBrentwoodRaintree Forest; Buyer: Maria Blair and Michael Guse; Seller: SRP Sub LLC; $558,050. 

1312 Parker PlaceBrentwoodBrenthaven; Buyer: Hannah and Craig Collier Lovell; Seller: Drees Premier Homes Inc; $613,133. 

5110 West Concord RoadBrentwoodBrentwood Hills; Buyer: Elizabeth Hannah; Seller: David Shamblin; $67,500. 

1307 Robert E Lee LaneBrentwoodBrentwood Hills; Buyer: Elizabeth Hannah; Seller: David Shamblin; $122,500. 

5113 West Concord RoadBrentwoodBrentwood Hills; Buyer: Elizabeth Hannah; Seller: David Shamblin; $118,500. 

5111 West Concord RoadBrentwoodBrentwood Hills; Buyer: Elizabeth Hannah; Seller: DGSHMS LLC; $490,000. 

5 Winged Foot PlaceBrentwoodGovernors Club; Buyer: Patricia and Jarrod Fred Mills; Seller:  

Aspen Construction LLC$1,599,900. 

816 Steeplechase DriveBrentwoodFoxboro Estates; Buyer: William Zepeda; Seller: Carlton M Jean; $538,000. 

1414 Newhaven DriveBrentwoodWitherspoon; Buyer: Rebecca Keen; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC$1,559,000. 

230 Governors WayBrentwoodGovernors Club; Buyer: Terry G and Harvey Lane Harris Sr; Seller: Tsianina M and Michael R Lohmann$2,150,000. 

7025 Willowick DriveBrentwoodWillowick; Buyer: Laura and Sean Cawley; Seller: Phyllis A and Anthony C Pickett; $620,000. 

9505 Wexcroft DriveBrentwoodTaramore; Buyer: Sharon and Paul Flaherty; Seller: Thomas P Fischbach; $865,000. 

305 Dogwood CourtBrentwoodWalnut Ridge; Buyer: Deborah D Nims; Seller: Elizabeth J Grover Trust; $430,000. 

9719 Turnbridge CourtBrentwoodConcord Crossing; Buyer: Beryl and Arun Jose; Seller: Deborah L and William C Emmett; $600,000. 

1023 Brentwood PointeBrentwoodBrentwood Pointe; Buyer: Laura Tennant; Seller: Jennifer and Allen Griggs; $231,000. 

8112 Hilldale DriveBrentwoodBrenthaven; Buyer: Sara K and James C Connor; Seller: Deborah T Yow and Bryan W Kretzmeier; $670,000. 

5 Angel TrBrentwoodPleasant Hill; Buyer: Ashley and Junaid Odubeko; Seller: Hope Brown and Marcus Andrew Owen; $865,200. 

9485 Ashford PlaceBrentwoodChenoweth; Buyer: Melissa J and Jeffrey G Baer; Seller: Kelly and Phillip Reynolds; $900,000. 

9653 Radiant Jewel CourtBrentwoodBrookfield; Buyer: Jacqueline and John Arnold; Seller: Robert Avila and David Scott Schallhorn; $669,000. 

552 Grand Oaks DriveBrentwoodHighlands; Buyer: Georgina Y Odoiinkum and Christopher N Inkum; Seller: Jennifer S and Peter A Knapp; $958,000. 

9623 Brunswick DriveBrentwoodThe Estates of Bonbrook; Buyer: Linda and Brad D Wilson; Seller: Patricia A Weaver; $750,000. 

1641 Highfield LaneBrentwoodOakhall; Buyer: Nina and James Mitchell; Seller: Susan White and James Howard Ragsdale Jr; $462,500. 

9441 Smithson LaneBrentwoodChenoweth; Buyer: Justin M and Pamela J Kane; Seller: Dirk Melton; $745,000. 

2058 Willowmet LaneBrentwoodWillowmet; Buyer: Tejal and Nehal M Shah; Seller: Xia Lin and Daguang Liu; $634,000. 


7184 Sky Meadow DriveCollege GroveFalls Grove; Buyer: NVR T/A Ryan Homes; Seller: Brentwood Communities LLC; $117,180. 

8186 Heirloom BoulevardCollege GroveThe Grove; Buyer: Joshua B Parker; Seller: TVG Tennessee I LLC; $184,500. 

7028 Balcolm CourtCollege GroveMcDaniel Estates; Buyer: Jenna King and Clayton J Hosfield; Seller: McDaniel Estates Partners LLC; $481,643. 

6800 Chatterton DriveCollege GroveMcDaniel Farms; Buyer: Linda and James Smith; Seller: McDaniel Estates Partners LLC; $852,444. 

6665 Eudailey-Covington RoadCollege GroveEudailey Lanieve Estate; Buyer: Rebecca and William Hatcher Wallace; Seller: Rachel Marie Smoak; $730,000. 

6732 Edgemore Drive (includes 2 vacant lots)College GroveFalls Grove; Buyer: Jones Co of TN LLC; Seller: Brentwood Communities LLC; $276,100. 

7114 Blondell WayCollege GroveMcDaniel Estates; Buyer: Anna R and Robert A Aycock; Seller: McDaniel Estates Partners LLC; $580,000. 

8925 Calundula LaneCollege GroveThe Grove; Buyer: Cynthia Coker; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $1,099,900. 

8134 Heirloom BoulevardCollege GroveThe Grove; Buyer: Betsy C Johns; Seller: Hatcliff Construction LLC$2,895,500. 

8564 Heirloom BoulevardCollege GroveThe Grove; Buyer: Trace Construction LLC; Seller: TVG Tennessee I LLC; $207,000. 



2185 Fairview BoulevardFairview; Buyer: Dotherow Fairview Land LLC; Seller: Clemie Louise Buttrey; $425,000. 

7145 Locksley LaneFairviewCastleberry Farm; Buyer: Rather Living Trust; Seller: Karen and Jeffrey R Beathard; $475,000. 

1045 Brayden DriveFairviewCumberland Estates; Buyer: Ashley Lee and John Michael Emerson Jr; Seller: Ole South Properties Inc; $339,900. 

7104 Sutton PlaceFairviewSutton Place at Dogwood Hills; Buyer: Michael Rosegarten; Seller: Helen D and Terrell Mayo; $262,500. 




1072 Beckwith StreetFranklinWesthaven; Buyer: Billie J and Steven B Vaughn; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $545,428. 

Meeks RoadFranklin; Buyer: Matthew Chilvers; Seller: Michael Morton and Maurice Morton; $105,000. 

5881 Davis Hollow RoadFranklin; Buyer: J M Jefferson Trust; Seller: Sarah E and Mary Humphrey; $500,000. 

219 Cedar DriveFranklinHill Estates; Buyer: Beth Connor and David M Guest; Seller: Georgeanne Oxnam; $260,500. 

5110 Old Harding RoadFranklin; Buyer: Susan K and Michael J Card; Seller: Cynthia and Klinten Griffin; $340,900. 

9015 Wenlock LaneFranklinEchelon; Buyer: Alexandra Rose and Nathan William Morris; Seller: Amanda Shelby Fincher; $620,000. 

228 4th Avenue North #3FranklinHeritage Chase Condos; Buyer: Patricia M and David A Libardi; Seller: Jennifer A Prince; $404,000. 

5350 Leipers Creek RoadFranklin; Buyer: Robert M Rogulic Revocable Trust; Seller: Hazel Leann White Living Trust$1,620,000. 

523 Ardmore PlaceFranklinWesthaven; Buyer: Bradley Holthaus; Seller: Becky P and Roger Womble; $655,000. 

2007 Erwin StreetFranklinWesthaven; Buyer: Susan Swanson-Moore and Thomas W Moore Jr; Seller: Jackie L and Lewis M Bonadies; $729,000. 

1013 Cumberland ValleyFranklinHighlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Angela D and Marvin N Austin; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $749,005. 

2287 Winder CircleFranklinDallas Downs; Buyer: Abigail M and Joshua M Walsh; Seller: Britney and Matthew Moore; $425,000. 

702 Amhearst CourtFranklinRogersshire; Buyer: Allyson Marie and Matthew R Wilcox; Seller: Swathi and Rajeev Polepalli; $355,000. 

1500 Coleman RoadFranklinGipson Hill; Buyer: Tamra Kay and Gene Steven Sevier; Seller: Robin Cobb and Timothy B Gipson; $490,000. 

2216 Grey Cliff DriveFranklin; Buyer: Annette M Carcich Separate Property Trust; Seller: Lisa and Gregory James; $965,000. 

4432 Pratt LaneFranklin; Buyer: Madhava and Kavitha Ravilla; Seller: Carmelia A Wiegandt; $600,000. 

303 Beamon DriveFranklinHighlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Nicholas Naclerio; Seller: Karen and Martin Willis; $680,000. 

112 Confederate DriveFranklinSouthgate; Buyer: Battleground Properties LLC; Seller: Vanessa and Calvin Beard; $419,900. 

128 Middleboro CircleFranklinDallas Downs; Buyer: Nina and Tommy McIver; Seller: Pamela S and William E Shears; $280,000. 

2001 Cabell DriveFranklinRiverbluff; Buyer: Vickye R and Terry R Dennis; Seller: Celebration Homes LLC; $572,067. 

4012 Hathaway StreetFranklinWesthaven; Buyer: Denise and Charles Brett Woodside; Seller: Legend Homes LLC; $1,308,142. 

2001 Largo CourtFranklinHighlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Lonna G Horn; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $647,457. 

103 Crystal Falls CircleFranklinStream Valley; Buyer: Steffany Renee and Gregory Paul Hagler; Seller: Angela C and Samuel Ward II; $500,000. 

242 Rich CircleFranklinHighlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Molita and Travers Sloan; Seller: Boulevard Building Group LLC; $634,900. 

508 Cobert LaneFranklinLockwood Glen; Buyer: Sachin Gupta and Neesha Pundir; Seller: Mikelle and David Bazinet; $374,000. 

2654 McLemore Road (Scriveners Affidavit)FranklinCroop; Buyer: Julie and Bradley Tunnel; Seller: Watermark Homes LLC; $1,477,410. 

4025 Flowing Creek DriveFranklinWaters Edge; Buyer: Vijayalakshmi and Gopi Krishna Kolleru; Seller: Clayton Properties Group Inc; $484,660. 

7019 Headwaters DriveFranklinWaters Edge; Buyer: Mary Joe and James W Harris; Seller: Nawrass Aldabbagh; $530,000. 

421 Wild Elm StreetFranklinWesthaven; Buyer: Alva Jo and Mark Allen Duke; Seller: Kim A and John M Boone; $794,900. 

819 Stonewater BoulevardFranklinWesthaven; Buyer: Amber N and Stephen T Conrad; Seller: McBride Family Trust; $1,437,000. 

1607 Granville RoadFranklinOrleans Estate Condos; Buyer: Sandra and Curtis B Lane; Seller: Colton Maginnis; $175,000. 

1128 Park StreetFranklin; Buyer: Alliance Home Builders LLC; Seller: Heritage Land Trust GP; $175,000. 

1544 Fleetwood DriveFranklinWesthaven; Buyer: Kirsten and Nick Gershon Trust; Seller: Marsha and Nicholas Matthews; $875,000. 

1358 Hunter RoadFranklin; Buyer: Kris Knight 1997 Trust; Seller: Heather B and Christopher Brandon Davis; $610,000. 

3066 Hathaway StreetFranklinWesthaven; Buyer: Eileen M and Keith M Giger; Seller: SLC Homebuilding LLC; $608,000. 

1516 Birchwood CircleFranklinTwin Oaks; Buyer: Jared Heath Weeks; Seller: Brenda K and Vince W Isner; $361,000. 

640 Burghley LaneFranklin; Buyer: Leilani Marie Langoff-Cerrillo and Dan Cerrillo; Seller: Robin R and Cary W Pulliam; $875,000. 

275 Noah DriveFranklinPolk Place; Buyer: Debra H and David B Jones; Seller: James Morgan Day III; $545,000. 

5002 Captain Freeman ParkwayFranklinBerry Farms Town Center; Buyer: Pamela Hewlett Inman and Terry Torraca; Seller: Angelitta and Thomas J Scott; $619,000. 



504 Autumn Springs Court #D30Franklin; Buyer: Victor Hope Capital LLC; Seller: Mathews Properties LLC; $271,000. 

3140 Lorena CourtFranklinWatkins Creek; Buyer: Laura Theresa and Robert Joseph Nasca; Seller: Kona 10 Family Trust; $629,000. 

1209 Brentwood LaneFranklinBrentwood Hills; Buyer: Elizabeth Hannah; Seller: DGSHMS LLC; $450,000. 

1011 Park Run DriveFranklinMcKays Mill; Buyer: Michael Anthony Romeo; Seller: Leslie and William G Poff; $268,000. 

7101 Sunrise CircleFranklinMorningside; Buyer: Linda J and Gary D True; Seller: Frances K Tritschler; $367,000. 

221 Vantage WayFranklinCross Creek; Buyer: Alexandra and Bradford S Pressley; Seller: Richard T Hoos; $628,000. 

3569 Carothers ParkwayFranklin; Buyer: Madhavi and Dayaker R Mallipeddi; Seller: Nancy J Baker; $405,000. 

1037 Amelia Park DriveFranklinAmelia Park; Buyer: Suzanne D Fischbach; Seller: Madron and Timothy E Sawyers; $539,000. 

450 Tinnan AvenueFranklinCool Springs East; Buyer: Emily and Kyle Keith; Seller: Nina L and James G Mitchell; $625,000. 

1138 Frenchtown LaneFranklinAshton Park; Buyer: Janelle Raaen; Seller: Brian Shore; $496,500. 

3201 Aspen Grove Drive #C6FranklinAspen Grove; Buyer: Trust Company of Oxford; Seller: Mary Jane and Richard V Owens; $299,900. 

500 Hodges CourtFranklinCool Springs East; Buyer: Kalpana and Gundappan Murali; Seller: Michelle and Kenton Loar; $442,000. 

414 Cross Creek CourtFranklinCross Creek; Buyer: Margie P and Earl W Douglas; Seller: Linda A and Bradley D Wilson; $620,000. 

1221 Limerick LaneFranklinMcKays Mill; Buyer: Anitha Gonuguntla; Seller: Andrew J Vaughan; $350,000. 

210 Cambridge PlaceFranklinRoyal Oaks; Buyer: Yvette and Daniel Stinson; Seller: Kayla M and Benjamin C Aaron; $439,500. 

1023 Eden Park DriveFranklinAshton Park; Buyer: Russell T Cook; Seller: Linda L and Robert R Mallory; $571,000. 

9204 Stepping Stone DriveFranklinClovercroft Preserve; Buyer: Melissa and Peter Wolff; Seller: NVR 1 LLC; $710,000. 



809 Aldwych CircleFranklinStonebridge; Buyer: Mallory and Tyler Whitmore; Seller: Bradley Holthaus; $965,000. 

2479 Santa Barbara LaneFranklinFoxen Canyon; Buyer: Dena M Frahm and Christian Lieberg; Seller: Turnberry Homes LLC; $1,012,805. 

1415 Moher BoulevardFranklinCommons at Gateway; Buyer: Alessandra Kanashiro and Marcos Gustavo V Bergamo; Seller: Fleur Capital LLC; $410,000. 

505 Franklin RoadFranklin; Buyer: Julie and Tracy Stephens; Seller: Poonam and Pooja Bery; $585,000. 

31 Holland Park LaneFranklinWindsor Park at Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Starkweather Family Revocable Trust; Seller: Dona L Reynolds; $340,000. 

2004 Boxwood DriveFranklinRiver Rest Estates; Buyer: Virginia J and Richard M Francis; Seller: Laura J Anderson; $408,000. 

220 Meadowgreen DriveFranklinMeadowgreen Acres; Buyer: Barbie S and Arthur Ramos Gonzales III; Seller: Jodie Ann and Gregory John Stewart; $325,000. 

515 Leanne WayFranklinWhitehall Farms; Buyer: Theresa A and Leon N Chau; Seller: Tracy M and David L Santangelo; $775,000. 

2503 Santa Barbara LaneFranklinFoxen Canyon; Buyer: Leianne K and Mark J McGinnis; Seller: Turnberry Homes LLC; $909,142. 

912 Idlewild CourtFranklinFieldstone Farms; Buyer: Bonnie Richardson and Darlene Dyson; Seller: Norma J and James L Oakley; $225,000. 

9039 Tarrington LaneFranklinFieldstone Farms; Buyer: Britney D and Edward E Elliott III; Seller: Mallory N and Drew T Wilkerson; $345,000. 

136 Boxwood DriveFranklinRiver Rest Estates; Buyer: Amy Rochford; Seller: Lee Ann Summers Ingram; $312,000. 



1827 Abbey Wood DriveNolensvilleBurberry Glen; Buyer: Jill L and Michael J Weigandt; Seller: Meritage Homes of TN Inc; $441,088. 

1225 Craigleigh DriveNolensvilleBurberry Glen; Buyer: Anna and Douglas H Jennings; Seller: Meritage Homes of TN Inc; $446,494. 

809 Cottage House LaneNolensvilleNolen Mill; Buyer: AFZ Family Trust; Seller: Clayton Properties Group; $322,900. 

2787 Sanford RoadNolensville; Buyer: David George Teasley; Seller: Mary Elaine Allison; $500,000. 

850 Stonebrook BoulevardNolensvilleStonebrook; Buyer: Teriz and Fady Fahmy; Seller: Crystal R and Bryan K Howell; $130,000. 

1283 Maybelle PassNolensvilleBent Creek; Buyer: Melanie S Donohue and Edward C Wood; Seller: George W Stokes; $525,000. 

408 Barony CourtNolensvilleBrooksbank Estates; Buyer: Paula and Lorenzo Russell; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $744,463. 

7028 Fishing Creek RoadNolensvilleBent Creek; Buyer: Gabrielle and Christopher Cody Sellers; Seller: Dara L and Matthew T Mingus Sr; $525,000. 

6 vacant lots on Spruell DriveNolensvilleScales Farmstead; Buyer: Drees Premier Homes Inc; Seller: T F Scales Farmstead LP; $744,620. 

1893 Abbey Wood DriveNolensvilleWoods at Burberry Glen; Buyer: Lori B and Michael E Brown; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $485,000. 

 Belsford LaneNolensvilleSummerlyn; Buyer: Kristen and Martin Toth; Seller: Drees Premier Homes Inc; $759,010. 

1800 Apperley DriveNolensvilleScales Farmstead; Buyer: Sheri Lynn and Randall Allen Duke Jr; Seller: Drees Premier Homes Inc; $584,620. 



1052 Aenon CircleSpring HillCrossing at Wades Grove; Buyer: Alyssa M and Justin Alan White; Seller: Julie L and Kevin K Clark; $370,000. 

6024 Trout LaneSpring HillAutumn Ridge; Buyer: Amber and Joseph A Destefani; Seller: Bonner Builders Inc; $645,760. 

1014 Alpaca DriveSpring HillArbors at Autumn Ridge; Buyer: Christine Susan and Brian Scott Myers; Seller: Clark Custom Homes LLC; $513,900. 

1899 Portway RoadSpring HillRidgeport; Buyer: Ariana Homes LLC; Seller: Kimberly K and Patrick D Shultz; $274,000. 

233 Mary Ann CircleSpring HillPetra Commons; Buyer: Lisa S Seals; Seller: Regent Homes LLC; $254,150. 

1078 Nealcrest CircleSpring HillBuckner Crossing; Buyer: Krista and Timothy J Ehret; Seller: Amy Beth and Gabriel C Kelley; $384,000. 

1694 Lantana CircleSpring HillBrixworth; Buyer: Amanda Ann and Michael Craig Brown; Seller: Pulte Homes TN LP; $467,595. 

1682 Lantana DriveSpring HillBrixworth; Buyer: Amy Haywood and Henry Isaac Dunton; Seller: Pulte Home Corp; $429,125. 

6003 Spade DriveSpring HillWades Grove; Buyer: Valarie K and James Akers; Seller: John Maher Builders Inc; $450,900. 

1093 Brixworth DriveSpring HillBrixworth; Buyer: Kimberly D and Patrick D Shultz; Seller: Stoneridge Homes Inc; $447,900. 

1040 Fitzroy CircleSpring HillCherry Grove; Buyer: Diane and Richard A Goeller Jr; Seller: Stephanie A and Bradley S Kash; $511,500. 

1042 Cantwell PlaceSpring HillBelshire; Buyer: Vicki P and Jeffrey J Bordulis; Seller: Sheri and John Barnett; $429,000. 

1028 Aenon CircleSpring HillCrossing at Wades Grove; Buyer: John N Peterson; Seller: Linda Bowles; $355,000. 

1044 Alice Springs CircleSpring HillCherry Grove; Buyer: Misty and Patrick Virgil Severs; Seller: Andrea M and Serge N Kolomiets; $509,900. 



2207 Chaucer Park LaneThompsons StationFields of Canterbury; Buyer: Kara L and Matthew P Gessler; Seller: Michael L Crockett; $453,000. 

2217 Maytown CircleThompsons StationTollgate Village; Buyer: Chelsea D and William Stevens; Seller: Lennar Homes of TN LLC; $500,570. 

2892 Americus DriveThompsons StationTollgate Village; Buyer: Debbie W and Vince Bagwell Jr; Seller: Cathy Joan Dugan Trust; $465,000. 

2213 Maytown CircleThompsons StationTollgate Village; Buyer: Monique Deboliac; Seller: Lennar Homes of TN LLC; $494,990. 

2611 Bramblewood LaneThompsons StationFields of Canterbury; Buyer: Amy Beth and Gabriel Craig Kelley; Seller: Willow Branch Partners LLC; $483,500. 

3109 Hazelton DriveThompsons StationTollgate Village; Buyer: Amy and Shannon and McQuary; Seller: Joye Booher; $620,000. 

2619 Bramblewood LaneThompsons StationFields of Canterbury; Buyer: Connie and Douglas Jones; Seller: Hood Development LLC; $462,720. 

3034 Callaway Park PlaceThompsons StationFields of Canterbury; Buyer: Callaway Park Land Trust; Seller: Amy and Eric Larsen; $477,500. 

2834 Kaye DriveThompsons StationBrixworth; Buyer: Kristyn E and William J Blackford; Seller: Thokozile I Mkwanazi; $417,000. 

3238 Pleasantville Bridge RoadThompsons StationBridgemore Village; Buyer: Amy M and Eric M Larsen; Seller: Shaw Enterprises LLC; $685,100. 

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