Just Sold



1207 Franklin Road, Brentwood, Brentwood Hills; Buyer: Molly and Jay Dalgarn Jr; Seller: The Estate of Martha Frances Womack Bilyeu; $1,175,000.

Franklin Road, Brentwood, Oman; Buyer: TSTM LLC; Seller: Oman Development LLC; $1,825,000.

Franklin Road, Brentwood, Oman; Buyer: Zo and James Harper; Seller: Oman Development LLC; $750,000.

Franklin Road, Brentwood, Oman; Buyer: Marie-Joe Bouffard and Sylvain Tremblay; Seller: Oman Development LLC; $675,000.

Franklin Road, Brentwood, Oman; Buyer: Amy B and Phillip W Hardy; Seller: Oman Development LLC; $825,000.

Franklin Road, Brentwood, Oman; Buyer: Bryers Family Revocable Trust; Seller: Oman Development LLC; $750,000.

Franklin Road, Brentwood, Oman; Buyer: A E M LLC; Seller: Oman Development LLC; $1,000,000.

Franklin Road, Brentwood, Oman; Buyer: Laura and Jared Klein; Seller: Oman Development LLC; $725,000.

Franklin Road, Brentwood, Oman; Buyer: Roxane and David McGowan; Seller: Oman Development LLC; $700,000.

Franklin Road, Brentwood, Oman; Buyer: Patti Klein; Seller: Oman Development LLC; $725,000.

6545 Cloverbrook Drive, Brentwood, Brighton Wood; Buyer: Bin Shui and Renyou Wang; Seller: Karen D Pryor and Sally G Thornton; $650,000.

9809 Glenmore Lane, Brentwood, Owl Creek; Buyer: Anne W and Thomas A Johnston; Seller: Brittany A and Thomas J Schaffer; $685,000.

811 Brentwood Pointe, Brentwood, Brentwood Pointe; Buyer: Denise Brown and Christopher Woolworth; Seller: Leeanan Henry and Chad Eric Melton; $272,500.

9555 Sanctuary Place, Brentwood, Hampton Reserve; Buyer: Brenda J and Norman R Johnson; Seller: Shannon M and Stanley J Kasakevics; $1,310,000.

Franklin Road, Brentwood, Oman; Buyer: Hidden Valley Homes LLC; Seller: Oman Development LLC; $2,200,000.

6409 Westbourne Drive, Brentwood, Oakhampton; Buyer: Shannon and Brian Willie; Seller: Holly McLaurin and Matthew Denson Deshazo; $836,000.

9445 Waterfall Road, Brentwood, Raintree Forest South; Buyer: Bridget and Winston Neal; Seller: Terisa M and Tyler Reimschisel; $678,000.

5010 Woodland Hills Drive, Brentwood, Fountainhead; Buyer: Brooke Simmons and Kyle Nolan Mayes; Seller: David M Simmons; $850,000.

809 Wilson Pike, Brentwood, Borgata; Buyer: Champa and Jeewananda Perera; Seller: Hosein Janbakhsh; $820,000.

1319 Devens Drive, Brentwood, Brenthaven; Buyer: Kate A and Justin T McClinton; Seller: Harold L Willis Jr; $850,000.

5124 Herschel Spears Circle, Brentwood, Brentwood Country Club; Buyer: Connie Lynn and Allan Christopher Riggs; Seller: Kay S and Edgar E Greve; $860,000.

Franklin Road, Brentwood, Oman; Buyer: Julia A Pewitt and David M Kinder; Seller: Oman Development LLC; $970,000.

Franklin Road, Brentwood, Oman; Buyer: Jamie and Benjamin Walker; Seller: Oman Development LLC; $819,650.

9373 Smithson Lane, Brentwood, Chenoweth; Buyer: Katie and Christopher Lindholm; Seller: Sherdene S and James M Boyle; $702,500.

431 Mayfield Place, Brentwood, Mayfield; Buyer: Scarlett Corley and Zachary Michael Parrott; Seller: Stephanie A Strahl-Hargens and Tanner J Hargens; $960,000.


7505 Delancey Drive, College Grove, McDaniel Estates; Buyer: Natasha and Nathan Coiner; Seller: McDaniel Estates Partners LLC; $519,327.

6552 Windmill Drive, College Grove, McDaniel Estates; Buyer: Camille A and Neeraj Ghai; Seller: McDaniel Estates Partners LLC; $622,000.

6805 Chatterton Drive, College Grove, McDaniel Estates; Buyer: Amy and Robert Gay; Seller: McDaniel Estates Partners LLC; $655,191.

6624 Fannie Daniels Road (Substitute Trustees Deed), College Grove; Buyer: Specialty Underwriting & Residential Trust; Seller: Rubin Lublin TN PLLC Sub Trust; $88,018.

6814 Flower Hill Drive, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: NVR Inc T/A Ryan Homes; Seller: Brentwood Communities LLC; $144,570.

7196 Sky Meadow Drive, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: Joyce Kay and Russell Wayde Bonomo; Seller: NVR Inc T/A Ryan Homes; $451,959.

7253 Sky Meadow Drive, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: Carolyn Lea and Chas Lanlier Hart; Seller: NVR Inc T/A Ryan Homes; $523,702.

6041 Native Pony Trail, College Grove, The Grove; Buyer: Lara Prestwood and David William Latture; Seller: Canary Ventures Trust; $1,320,000.

6904 Fence Post Lane, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: NVR Inc; Seller: Brentwood Communities LLC; $144,570.

8443 Heirloom Boulevard, College Grove, The Grove; Buyer: Elvia and Russell Harms; Seller: PAH Investment Trust; $340,000.

6563 Windmill Drive, College Grove, McDaniel Estates; Buyer: Jennifer Elyse and Matthew Anthony Cruger; Seller: McDaniel Estates Partners LLC; $723,638.

6603 Windmill Drive, College Grove, McDaniel Estates; Buyer: Natasha and Paul J Caruana; Seller: McDaniel Estates Partners LLC; $832,999.

8475 Heirloom Boulevard, College Grove, The Grove; Buyer: Gary F Slayden; Seller: Joseph Frederick Wade; $205,000.

6599 Windmill Drive, College Grove, McDaniel Estates; Buyer: Elizabeth Parsons and Christopher Alan Cannon; Seller: McDaniel Estates Partners LLC; $728,200.


7338 Spencer Mill Road, Fairview; Buyer: Chelsey C and Drew D Bledsoe; Seller: Ricky L Bledsoe; $487,500.

7202 Clearview Drive, Fairview, Clearview Meadows; Buyer: Allyson Rae and Chad Sullivan; Seller: Ruby M Mackey; $245,000.

7302 Horn Tavern Court, Fairview, Horn Tavern Estates; Buyer: Larry Carvell; Seller: Tami and Jeff Mishler; $242,500.

7323 Taylor Road, Fairview; Buyer: Carla and Roy Duke; Seller: Timothy W Stinson; $548,900.

1043 Brayden Drive, Fairview, Cumberland Estates; Buyer: Kerri Lee and Jason Phillips; Seller: Ole South Properties Inc; $352,865.

1019 Brayden Drive, Fairview, Cumberland Estates; Buyer: Amy M and Harold C Hamm II; Seller: Ole South Properties Inc; $293,035.

7111 Birch Bark Drive, Fairview, Chester Estates; Buyer: Audrie L Baty and Warner M Chavez; Seller: Christopher Kevin Griffin; $225,000.


1121 Brandon Drive, Franklin, Heath of Franklin; Buyer: Elizabeth Hinton and Nicholas Donald Parent; Seller: Joyce E and Money Pit LLC; $443,000.

130 Generals Way Court, Franklin, Dallas Downs; Buyer: Mollie Elizabeth and Justin Reed Hudson; Seller: Jaime and Matthew Ewald; $410,900.

1101 Downs Boulevard #245, Franklin, Hardison Hills; Buyer: Destiny B and Steve E Berger; Seller: Rita and Michael R Leiter; $245,000.

4017 Cheever Street, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Harriet and Bureon Ledbetter; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $534,035.

5007 Maysbrook Lane, Franklin, Echelon; Buyer: Daniel Lewis Hayes; Seller: Mallard Homes LLC; $599,597.

1821 Brockton Place, Franklin, Residence at South Wind; Buyer: Daniel Patrick Montaivo; Seller: Stacey D McGee; $249,200.

3134 Langley Drive, Franklin, Franklin Green; Buyer: Melissa and Nicholas Campbell; Seller: Kurt J Zettel II; $329,900.

1068 Lewisburg Avenue, Franklin, Dallas Downs; Buyer: Megan C and Michael L Mason; Seller: Cathrine Renee and John Drew Edman; $742,500.

1724 Edinboro Way, Franklin, Forrest Crossing; Buyer: Spencer Hess; Seller: STS Assets 1 LLC; $384,500.

101 Turnbrook Court, Franklin, Riverview Park; Buyer: Chanel Araujo and Brett Harmon; Seller: Linda S and Robert M Blevins; $357,000.

5019 Donovan Street (Quitclaim), Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Mark Stuart; Seller: Aegis and Mark Stuart; $190,126.

1109 Beckwith Street, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Laurie and Jonathan R Nebel; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $716,910.

315 Courfield Drive, Franklin, Lockwood Glen; Buyer: Jessica and Aaron Murdock; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $711,145.

505 Sugartree Lane, Franklin, Maplewood; Buyer: Megan M Vasquez and Austin E Neel; Seller: Joy C and Mark J Neel; $300,000.

4008 Gracious Drive, Franklin, Simmons Ridge; Buyer: Alex Paul Stone; Seller: Etta Laura and Justin Kumar; $323,000.

1062 Carlisle Lane, Franklin, Richland Close; Buyer: Louis B Hamada; Seller: Domus Builders LLC; $899,900.

2259 Isaac Lane, Franklin, Oakwood Estates; Buyer: Megan and Robert A Floyd; Seller: Brenda K and Stephen D Wood; $574,900.

903 West Main Street, Franklin; Buyer: Jennifer H and John Michael Haarbauer III; Seller: Tatum M and William C Perry; $1,850,000.

450 Wild Elm Street, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Wierok Properties LLC; Seller: Celi and Seth Mosley; $1,600,000.

3119 Vera Valley Road, Franklin, Spencer Hall; Buyer: Norma Liz Merced and John Thomas Kolisnyk; Seller: Donna C and Gregory James Milnar; $385,000.

236 Wrennewood Lane, Franklin, Reid Hill Commons; Buyer: Dorothy Lynne and Dennis Lamar Kaltreider; Seller: Roberta R Cooper; $378,000.

614 Band Drive, Franklin, Henley; Buyer: Dawn S and Joseph D’Apollonio; Seller: Pamela L and Richard G McElroy Jr; $685,822.

Franklin Road, Franklin, Oman; Buyer: Candace Revelette; Seller: Oman Development LLC; $600,000.

3001 Ryecroft Lane, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Phyllis L and James J Gray; Seller: Colleen E Mollica; $470,000.

1054 Beckwith Street, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Colleen E Mollica; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $541,892.

1002 Swanson Lane, Franklin, Nichols Bend; Buyer: Ladonna Mills; Seller: Valerie Ann Lacoti; $535,000.

110 Reynolds Road, Franklin, Stephens Valley; Buyer: Defatta Custom Homes LLC; Seller: Rochford Realty and Construction Co Inc; $150,833.

290 Stephens Valley Boulevard, Franklin, Stephens Valley; Buyer: Defatta Custom Homes LLC; Seller: Rochford Realty and Construction Co Inc; $159,093.

294 Stephens Valley Boulevard, Franklin, Stephens Valley; Buyer: Defatta Custom Homes LLC; Seller: Rochford Realty and Construction Co Inc; $137,806.

239 Natchez Street, Franklin; Buyer: Robin Baker; Seller: Jesse Ewing Dotson Jr; $160,000.

5117 Old Harding Road, Franklin; Buyer: Chelsey and Michael Herron; Seller: Christine C and Ian A Montgomery; $598,500.

1018 Beckwith Street, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Joan H and Jerry M Tintera; Seller: SLC Homebuilding LLC; $597,307.

104 Glenrock Drive, Franklin, Stephens Valley; Buyer: Cynthia K and Jay N Chamness; Seller: Defatta Custom Homes LLC; $902,729.

4128 Oxford Glen Drive, Franklin, Barrington; Buyer: Rachel and Alex L Hutto; Seller: Linda R and Robert W Lotich III; $639,900.

900 Franklin Road, Franklin, Oman; Buyer: Legacy Homes of TN LLC; Seller: Oman Development LLC; $1,100,000.

1043 Howland Street, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Daphne Deanne Smith; Seller: Kimberly and Scott Piper; $455,000.

4225 Carrolton Drive, Franklin, Rosemont; Buyer: Megan and Christopher B Cournoyer; Seller: Amy and John E Davis; $1,450,000.

905 Scouting Drive, Franklin, Echelon Townhomes; Buyer: Pamela J and Gerald R Falk; Seller: Clayton Property Group Inc; $435,990.

1024 Crisp Springs Drive, Franklin, Waters Edge; Buyer: Bharathi Rajana and Krishna C Srinivas Kota; Seller: Clayton Property Group Inc; $479,600.

214 Wynbrook Court, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Meredith Joy and Adam Thomas Wheatley; Seller: Jenna M G and Peter J Palmer; $410,000.

801 Stonewater Boulevard, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Oksana and Erik Hansen; Seller: Carbine & Associates LLC; $1,292,152.

1006 Crisp Springs Drive, Franklin, Waters Edge; Buyer: Fnu Arpita and Rahul Mahato; Seller: Clayton Property Group Inc; $513,945.

605 Riverview Drive, Franklin, Riverview Park; Buyer: Halley Brea Wiggins; Seller: Alyssa Anne and Timothy James Head; $350,955.

113 Battle Avenue, Franklin, Battle Ground Park; Buyer: Kristen E Carbray and Roderick Z Martin; Seller: Rachel and Mark A Goudie; $615,000.

419 Verandah Lane, Franklin, Willowsprings; Buyer: Daniel John Hengen; Seller: Kathryn A and Douglas Kim Nies; $372,500.

5816 Green Chapel Road, Franklin, Traceland; Buyer: C A and J S McCrary; Seller: Traceland LLC; $335,000.

605 Newcomb Street, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Beck Family Trust; Seller: Krystal and Robert F Lynch; $529,135.


183 Trinity Road, Franklin; Buyer: Jacqueline and Todd Anderson; Seller: Lisa A and Craig W Coffman; $93,000.

185 Trinity Road, Franklin; Buyer: Jacqueline and Todd Anderson; Seller: Homer Stewart and William Lewis Stewart; $184,000.

304 Ferris Court, Franklin, Cool Springs East; Buyer: Kellie and Thomas Q Missentzis; Seller: Donna and Gregory G Sharp; $469,000.

219 Conservatory Drive, Franklin, Garden Club; Buyer: Ronald Layher; Seller: Brian and Megan J Cournoyer; $682,500.

1707 Liberty Pike, Franklin, McKays Mill; Buyer: David L Eagan II; Seller: Stacie Reynolds; $402,750.

166 Stanwick Drive, Franklin, Andover; Buyer: Jean Braine Survivors Trust; Seller: Fred McCoy; $354,000.

213 Tippett Hollow Court, Franklin, Royal Oaks; Buyer: Jean Braine Survivors Trust; Seller: Lou C Beasley; $395,000.

1857 Brentwood Pointe, Franklin, Brentwood Pointe; Buyer: Elizabeth C Verrier; Seller: Dyan C Damron; $318,000.

256 Seaboard Lane #G102, Franklin, Premier Bus Park Condos; Buyer: IRA Innovations LLC F/B/O Ronald M Wilson IPA; Seller: Daniel Melvin Lambert; $370,000.


314 Stable Road, Franklin, Meadowgreen Acres; Buyer: Lisa Lucas; Seller: Valerie Booth Yancey and John Douglas Booth; $337,000.

2709 Eglington Terrace, Franklin, Foxen Canyon; Buyer: Courtney M Shiels and Jason M Greico; Seller: Turnberry Homes LLC; $982,899.

83 Alton Park Lane, Franklin, Windsor Park; Buyer: Randal Houk; Seller: Florence Hanewinckel; $288,000.

35 Holland Park Lane, Franklin, Windsor Park of Fieldstone; Buyer: Patricia and Robert Morel; Seller: Dorothy L and Dennis L Kaltreider; $319,900.

343 Derby Lane, Franklin, Meadowgreen Acres; Buyer: Rachel and Gregory W McCubbin; Seller: Virginia and Bryant Gunter; $479,900.

219 Gateway Court, Franklin, Commons at Gateway; Buyer: Kristin J and Thomas B Day; Seller: Polk & Associates LLC; $439,900.


1117 Millshed Drive, Nolensville, Sherwood Green Estates; Buyer: Jeanna Kenney; Seller: Regent Homes LLC; $510,250.

7115 Nolen Park Circle, Nolensville, Nolen Park; Buyer: Micky Almon; Seller: Karen S and Douglas J Kevern; $475,000.

3049 Canal Street, Nolensville, Silver Stream Farm; Buyer: Kathleen Rolman and Kyle Kidwell; Seller: Remon Youssef; $313,500.

3124 Bradfield Drive, Nolensville, Summerlyn; Buyer: Sarath Venataraman and Theepa Balakrishnan; Seller: Suzanne and John McDevitt; $530,000.

728 Vickery Park Drive, Nolensville, Scales Farmstead; Buyer: Mia Graffam and Ian D Camp; Seller: Patterson Co LLC; $551,119.

640 Weybridge Drive, Nolensville, Nolen Mill; Buyer: Betty Blythe Wilson Trust; Seller: Anahid and Raphael Missirian Revocable Inter Trust; $444,000.

1119 Lusitano Court, Nolensville, Benington; Buyer: Kelly and Andrew German; Seller: G P Luxury LLC; $799,696.

644 Weybridge Drive, Nolensville, Nolen Mill; Buyer: Elanor L and John M Sipowski; Seller: Clayton Property Group Inc; $348,470.

1207 Creekside Drive, Nolensville, Stonebrook; Buyer: Stacie and Gary Kinder; Seller: Randall Waterston; $345,000.

704 Ravensdowne Drive, Nolensville, Burberry Glen; Buyer: Michelle Diane and Zachary Robert Farkas; Seller: Patterson Co LLC; $417,163.

1401 Trumpet Lily Place, Nolensville, Woods at Burberry Glen; Buyer: Roz Mustafa and Nijyar Muhammet; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $616,223.

642 Weybridge Drive, Nolensville, Nolen Mill; Buyer: Joyce A and Wayne P Tate; Seller: Clayton Property Group Inc; $366,275.

10 lots on Thayer Road, Nolensville, Enclave at Dove Lake; Buyer: Weekley Homes LLC; Seller: Nolensville 162 LLC; $1,200,000.

131 Telfair Lane, Nolensville, Telfair; Buyer: Tessa P and Joseph O Grassell; Seller: Avenue Homes LLC; $715,582.


3006 Sommette Drive, Spring Hill, Crossing at Wades Grove; Buyer: Brian Huffman; Seller: Jerry Wise Jr; $292,500.

4013 Marion Drive, Spring Hill, Wakefield; Buyer: Dana Nichole and Joel Wesley; Seller: Opendoor Property C LLC; $357,000.

1025 Fitzroy Circle, Spring Hill, Cherry Grove; Buyer: Patricia Rae and Donald F Butler Jr; Seller: Candace A and David A Dremel; $455,000.

6037 Spade Drive, Spring Hill, Wades Grove; Buyer: Kathleen and Edward Kadoun; Seller: John Maher Builders Inc; $432,888.

2981 Buckner Lane, Spring Hill, Haynes Crossing; Buyer: Carole A Gray; Seller: Carol J and Jeffrey M Schmid; $284,500.

1169 McCoury Lane, Spring Hill, Campbell Station; Buyer: Melissa B and Jimmy Shane Spriggs; Seller: Elizabeth M and Eric C Honour; $449,000.

3016 Macon Court, Spring Hill, Wades Grove; Buyer: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Seller: Emily S and Sean B Hall; $409,000.

3016 Macon Court, Spring Hill, Wades Grove; Buyer: Lacey Christine and Robert J Hatfield; Seller: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; $409,000.

2004 Allerton Way, Spring Hill, Cooper Ridge; Buyer: Haley Ruth and Joshua Donald Simpson; Seller: Nancy V and Carlos H Lopez; $338,000.

2998 Liverpool Drive, Spring Hill, Brixworth; Buyer: Tiffany R and Owen J York; Seller: Avenue Homes LLC; $461,604.

1706 Emma Circle, Spring Hill, Chapmans Retreat; Buyer: Carol Jean and Jeffrey Michael Schmid; Seller: Sheila Renee and Kenneth Reed Hudson; $328,000.

1095 Neal Crest Circle, Spring Hill, Buckner Crossing; Buyer: Cynthia Leanne and Brad Dean; Seller: Cynthia A and Tony Anderson; $384,000.

407 Oldbury Lane, Spring Hill, Shirebrook; Buyer: Stephen Matthew Komisky; Seller: Regent Homes LLC; $214,403.

4984 Paddy Trace, Spring Hill, Woodside; Buyer: Katherine Jeanne Deasey; Seller: Wendy T and Tony W Word; $316,000.

Lots 81 and 116 on Boxbury Lane, Spring Hill, Cooper Ridge; Buyer: NVR Inc T/A Ryan Homes; Seller: Copperstone Development Partners LLC; $121,592.

2229 Hayward Lane, Spring Hill, Wyngate Estates; Buyer: Patricia Casillas; Seller: Kathleen S and Edward S Kadoun; $305,000.

1102 Brixworth Drive, Spring Hill, Brixworth; Buyer: Nyesia and Parag Mehta; Seller: Pulte Homes TN LP; $478,710.

3165 Appian Way (Trustee’s Deed), Spring Hill, Benevento; Buyer: Mitch Kinder Development LLC; Seller: Mann and Mackie Wolf Zientz PC Sub Trust; $387,500.

3040 Elkhorn Place, Spring Hill, Arbors at Autumn Ridge; Buyer: Jacquelyn and Mitchell Knight; Seller: Clark Custom Homes LLC; $494,900.

2051 Dinan Court, Spring Hill, Wyngate Estates; Buyer: MUPR 3 Assets LLC; Seller: Laura D and Jeramy M Ouart; $296,500.

2973 Burtonwood Drive, Spring Hill, Burtonwood; Buyer: Jessica and David Morin; Seller: Brooke and Daniel Wacks; $374,999.

2119 Spring Hill Circle, Spring Hill, Spring Hill Estates; Buyer: MUPR 3 Assets LLC; Seller: Wendy Tru and Warren Keith Bradley; $295,000.

3021 Foust Drive, Spring Hill, Wades Grove; Buyer: Deborah D and Stanley J Breeden; Seller: Judith C Burley Living Trust; $379,900.


3132 Pleasantville Bridge Road, Thompsons Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: Crescent Homes TN LLC; Seller: MBSC Bridgemore LLC; $85,000.

2016 Bungalow Drive, Thompsons Station, Towne Village at Tollgate; Buyer: Emmanuele Family Revocable Trust; Seller: Jennifer B and Jordan Bryant; $330,000.

2864 Maple Circle, Thompsons Station, Maplelawn Estates; Buyer: Ashley Denny and William Baldwin; Seller: Andrea J McKeon; $225,000.

2997 Iroquois Drive, Thompsons Station, Cameron Farms; Buyer: Stacey and Corey McGee; Seller: Carla Michelle Griffus; $301,000.

2137 Maytown Circle, Thompsons Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Tracy and Justin Markham; Seller: Lennar Homes of TN LLC; $479,010.

2992 Americus Drive, Thompsons Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Nichole Smith and Ethan Andrew Ritchie; Seller: Baronese G and Myron C Stokes Sr; $507,500.

2709 Sporting Hill Bridge Road, Thompsons Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: Candace Ann and David A Dremel; Seller: Charlie Faye Young; $649,000.

3044 Sassafras Lane, Thompsons Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Devyn Downey; Seller: Willow Branch Partners LLC; $289,110.

2133 Maytown Circle, Thompsons Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Tina Ferguson; Seller: Lennar Homes of TN LLC; $467,394.

3589 Robbins Nest Road, Thompsons Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: Myrna M M Llarena and Eduardo Zavala Martinez; Seller: Stephanie and Opal Glenn Tillman; $785,000.

3655 Martins Mill Road, Thompsons Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: Jeanne A and William A Westbrook; Seller: Crescent Homes TN LLC; $655,383.

3231 Vinemont Drive, Thompsons Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Maria C R Blanco and Juan Guillerno S Martinez; Seller: Crescent Homes TN LLC; $427,000.

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