511 Waxwood Drive, Brentwood, Belle Rive; Buyer: Brannan and Michael Moreland; Seller: Shelly M and Dennis F Wade; $1,149,000.

3 Sugarloaf Lane, Brentwood, Governors Club; Buyer: Shelly M and Dennis Franklin Wade; Seller: Askvig Family Living Trust; $975,000.

516 Arden Woods Place, Brentwood, Arden Woods; Buyer: Alexis and James M Adcox III; Seller: Irakli Kakushadze and Setareh Banaian; $938,000.

9521 Nottaway Lane, Brentwood, Taramore; Buyer: Barbara Jean Derringer; Seller: Barlow Builders LLC; $1,149,500.

1526 Covington Drive, Brentwood, Brenthaven; Buyer: Alison McIlmoil and James Posey; Seller: Allison and William Alexander; $549,999.

1641 Mallory Lane, Brentwood, Moores Lane Interchange; Buyer: L-Pack Properties LLC; Seller: Richland South LLC; $850,000.

1623 Service Merchandise Boulevard, Brentwood, Brentwood I-65 Park; Buyer: Christine E Bett-Belleau and Joseph T Belleau; Seller: A G Investco LLC; $1,295,000.

1872 Charity Drive, Brentwood, Morgan Farms; Buyer: Drees Premier Homes Inc; Seller: Forestar (USA) Real Estates Group Inc; $147,518.

900 Woodburn Drive, Brentwood, Chenoweth; Buyer: Emily and Jeremy Buck; Seller: Rebecca L

and Christopher Anderson; $550,000.

1767 Charity Drive, Brentwood, The Laurels; Buyer: Tin Thu and Derek Edward Fecteau; Seller:

Tara J Padgett; $795,000.

9746 Northfork Drive, Brentwood, Chestnut Springs; Buyer: Yam Tung Cheng and Lian Peng Chen; Seller: Diane M and Edwin T Koehler; $433,987.

9250 LeHigh Drive, Brentwood, Witherspoon; Buyer: Michael B Rustici; Seller: Witherspoon Holt LLC; $625,000.

1523 Tellcroft Drive, Brentwood, Witherspoon; Buyer: Barlow Builders LLC; Seller: Witherspoon Holt LLC; $324,731.

806 Shenandoah Drive, Brentwood, Carondelet; Buyer: Heidi Smithson and Gregory Ryan Compton; Seller: James P Holmberg; $465,000.

Lots 14, 16, 17, and 18 on Cressy Lane, Brentwood, Owl Creek; Buyer: Beazer Homes LLC; Seller: Real Estates Solutions Group LL; $676,758.

704 Brass Lantern Place, Brentwood, Brass Lantern Farm; Buyer: Bridget and Darren Fulco; Seller: Deborah K and Mark H Degner; $2,900,000.

1221 Boxthorn Drive, Brentwood, Owl Creek; Buyer: Miralben K and Ketulkumar B Patel; Seller: Beazer Homes LLC; $449,347.

5201 Lake Court, Brentwood, Meadow Lake; Buyer: Daphne T and Jake Martin; Seller: Frances Burns; $792,500.

1006 Sunny Hill Road, Brentwood, Hallbrook; Buyer: Sarah Tonore and Joseph Brant Gray; Seller: Wednesdae D and William W Hester; $650,000.

115 Buckhead Court, Brentwood, Courtside at Southern Woods; Buyer: Xiaoke Feng and Yi Huang; Seller: Erin S and Josh L Greear; $537,500.

9196 Brushboro Drive, Brentwood, Brentmeade Estates; Buyer: Mary H and Robert H Cameron; Seller: Chura Salih and Omar Hameed; $975,000.

5101 West Concord Road, Brentwood, Brentwood Hills; Buyer: Mathialagan Ramadoss and Muthunagai Jayaraman; Seller: Carol R and O Porter Stark III; $606,000.

9245 LeHigh Drive, Brentwood, Witherspoon; Buyer: Castle Contractors LLC; Seller: Holt

Witherspoon LLC; $371,794.

Red Oak Drive, Brentwood; Buyer: Cates Family 2007 Trust; Seller: Dorothy Ann Jennette; $450,000.


3524 Grove Park Drive, College Grove, Grove Park; Buyer: Lori A and Kenneth A Earnest; Seller: Oksana and Lance Ballard; $682,000.

Giles Hill Road, College Grove; Buyer: Sandra S and Timothy L Coomer; Seller: Peacock Hill LLC;


4851 Bethesda-Duplex Road, College Grove; Buyer: Jane Maurer and Mario Miralles; Seller: Alyson Goodlow; $350,500.

6929 Wellsford Lane, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: NVR Inc; Seller: Brentwood Communities LLC; $110,565.

5077 Native Pony Trail, College Grove, The Grove; Buyer: Hayley and Cory Luebke; Seller: Susan W and Charles A Selke; $1,510,000.


2004 Casey Way, Fairview, Cumberland Estates; Buyer: Anna Elizabeth and Thomas C Cartwright; Seller: Ole South Properties Inc; $341,524.

7304 Brandenburg Cove, Fairview, Brandenburg; Buyer: Dan Heichelbech; Seller: J Phillip Jones

SubTrust; $170,500.


248 Snowden Street West, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: William A Pater Jr and Adam

Haeberle; Seller: Cristy G and Len A Van Popering; $755,000.

1506 Amesbury Lane, Franklin, Preserve at Echo Estates; Buyer: Lelia M and John A Udick; Seller: Bernie Bloemer Custom Homes LLC; $331,450.

3109 Winberry Drive, Franklin, Franklin Green; Buyer: Tammy Elizabeth and Zdenek Fiebinger; Seller: Katherine A Von Werlh and Samuel Allen Johnson; $345,000.

413 Eddy Lane, Franklin; Buyer: Darrin N Jones; Seller: 110 3rd Avenue Trust; $865,000.

5005 Lilly Valley Trail, Franklin, Lilly Lake; Buyer: Allen D Lentz Trust; Seller: Dorene Jean Williams and Stephen L Pearson; $4,230,000.

6101 Stags Leap Way, Franklin, Stags Leap; Buyer: Cynthia and Javier Llamas Jr; Seller: Fadwa Abdullah Alhomound and Jeffrey Shawn Miller; $590,000.

289 Stonehaven Circle, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Marina Gelfer and Shawn P Hornaday; Seller: Ann M and Thomas N Stanford; $422,000.

2037 Hornsby Drive, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Eva and Matthew Riester; Seller:

Brenley Crossing Partners LLC; $604,284.

184 Lancaster Drive, Franklin, Harpeth Meadows; Buyer: Mary and Casey Whitington; Seller: Marion T Kemp; $348,000.

320 Liberty Pike, Franklin, Jamison Station Condos; Buyer: Dorene J Williams; Seller: Laurie Campbell and Timothy L Panell; $1,062,500.

Peyt-Trinity Road, Franklin; Buyer: Thomas W Moon; Seller: Barbara Davis; $1,425,000.

1128 Westhaven Boulevard, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Sabrina M and Levi C Below; Seller: Lindsay M and Gerald Gurbacki; $515,000.

5030 Maysbrook Lane, Franklin, Echelon; Buyer: Sara R and Chad W Boyd; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $708,032.

818 Stonewater Boulevard, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Suzanne M and Richard W Niedrich; Seller: Stonegate Homes LLC; $949,860.

1024 Cheltenham Avenue, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: SLC Homebuilding LLC; Seller: Westhaven Partners LLC; $150,900.

1018 Cheltenham Avenue, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: SLC Homebuilding LLC; Seller: Westhaven Partners LLC; $134,900.

1006 Cheltenham Avenue, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: SLC Homebuilding LLC; Seller: Westhaven Partners LLC; $150,900.

Lots 1874 and 1879 on Jasper Avenue, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; Seller: Westhaven Partners LLC; $333,900.

4386 Gosey Hill Road, Franklin; Buyer: Lillian and Ray Arnold; Seller: Paul Arnold; $172,000.

507 Cobert Lane, Franklin, Nichols Bend; Buyer: Ashley Dyan and Jonathan Todd Moses; Seller: Lindsay N Ruddy; $432,000.

Parcels 05602 and 05600 on Lilly Valley Private Trail, Franklin, Lilly Lake; Buyer: Allen D Lentz; Seller: Diane and Anthony Crudele Family Trusts; $1,170,000.

605 West End Circle, Franklin, West End Circle; Buyer: Michelle and Brett Sheaffer; Seller: Valley View Builders LLC; $615,000.

319 Stillcreek Drive, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Michelle Patterson and Kenson Therrien; Seller: Shannon Demetria and Daton Hall Simmons; $501,500.

413 Newton Court, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Lindsay N Puddy and Corbin Caruthers; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $532,789.

109 Pebblecreek Road, Franklin, Riverview Park; Buyer: Margaret L and Jeffrey Rayburn; Seller: Lanora Suzanne Menees; $310,000.

1513 Eliot Road, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Kristi Anne and Thomas P Hackett Jr; Seller: SLC

Homebuilding LLC; $690,532.

1976 Turning Wheel Lane, Franklin, McKays Mill; Buyer: Amy Rae and Richard Alan Lingerfelt; Seller: Stacey L Stratman; $262,500.

Parcels on 11th Avenue South, Franklin; Buyer: Alliance Home Builders LLC; Seller: Marion D and Floyd T Beech; $360,000.

5685 Pinewood Road, Franklin; Buyer: Beverly Babb Elliott; Seller: Elynor Lucille Smith; $2,500,000.

4450 Savage Pointe Drive, Franklin, Savage Pointe Woods; Buyer: Anna C and Edgar I Sierra; Seller: Belay Capital LLC; $285,000.

3043 Blueberry Lane, Franklin, Simmons Ridge; Buyer: Joshua Powers and Eric C Powers; Seller:

Simmons Ridge Joint Venture; $349,782.

724 Beamon Drive, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Joni and Bryan Burton; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $518,394.

766 Beamon Drive, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Valerie and Robert Christie; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $497,519.

524 Sydenham Drive, Franklin, Lockwood Glen; Buyer: Kathleen Odonnell and Donna Petrocco; Seller: Suzanne M and Rodney Dean Gloss Family Living Trust; $429,500.

827 Willowsprings Boulevard, Franklin, Willowsprings; Buyer: William J Anthony; Seller: Frances G Carpenter; $273,842.

3221 Baker Lane, Franklin, Kinnard Springs; Buyer: Megan and Tyler Borders; Seller: Chase J Headley; $1,550,000.

3103 Traviston Drive, Franklin, Franklin Green; Buyer: Catherine Simpkins; Seller: Kari and Graham Eke; $408,000.

616 Stonewater Boulevard, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Nancy J and David A French; Seller: Kristi L Warren; $830,000.

Holiday Court, Franklin, Holiday Court Condos; Buyer: WMBL Investments LLC; Seller: Diana M and Richard Militana; $440,000.

119 Brilliantine Circle, Franklin, 11th Off Main; Buyer: Susan L and Stuart T Carlson; Seller: Da

Sue and James Mills; $455,000.

796 Edwards Circle, Franklin, Rebel Meadows; Buyer: Breckenridge Property Fund 2016 LLC;

Seller: Brock & Scott PLLC SubTrust; $225,000.

6038 Huntmere Avenue, Franklin, Stream Valley; Buyer: Megan B and Giancario Marchena; Seller: NVR Inc T/A Ryan Homes; $415,610.

2012 Oglethorpe Drive, Franklin, Stream Valley; Buyer: NVR Inc; Seller: Stream Valley Franklin LLC; $93,668.

304 Starling Lane, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Elizabeth A and Christopher W Dowling; Seller: Anna Clare and Dennis Ray; $635,000.

507 Cobert Lane, Franklin, Lockwood Glen; Buyer: Ashley Dyan and Jonathan Todd Moses;

Seller: Lindsay N Puddy; $432,000.


2022 Turning Wheel Lane, Franklin, McKays Mill; Buyer: Terese and Keaton C Mulvaney; Seller: S Square LLC; $268,900.

3637 North Chapel Road, Franklin; Buyer: Olga and Thomas Lochbihler; Seller: Tiffany R and Jason Whitby; $625,000.

613 Gleneagle Lane, Franklin, Eagles Glen; Buyer: Rebecca Little and Eric K Spindler; Seller: Kristine M and Frank J Anzalone; $430,500.

162 Trinity Road, Franklin; Buyer: Roger Fusse; Seller: Sharon N and Albert P Pachucki; $237,000.

1850 Pleasant Hill Road, Franklin, Pleasant View Hill; Buyer: Curt Hahn; Seller: Joyce L and Timothy C Kreth; $350,000.

356 Pennystone Circle, Franklin, Avalon; Buyer: Katie Marie Horm and Joseph Vincent Caloiero; Seller: Martha M and Stephen N Kitchens; $535,000.

405 Logans Circle, Franklin, Cheswicke Farm; Buyer: Bethany J and Jonathan A Hagans; Seller:

Cynthia E and William E Rooks; $492,500.

460 Tinnan Avenue, Franklin, Cool Springs East; Buyer: Jennifer R and Christopher D Stine; Seller: Deborah and Mitchell Robinson; $620,000.

105 King Arthur Drive, Franklin, Avalon; Buyer: Nancy A and James R Omer; Seller: Sunni Dixon

and Casey Blackburn Alexander; $759,500.

3201 Aspen Grove Drive, Franklin, Parkside at Aspen Grove; Buyer: Jason L McBride; Seller: Myleen L Kottas; $285,000.

1204 Firth Court, Franklin, McKays Mill; Buyer: Janine Cousineau and David Andrechuk; Seller: Kristin W and Kenneth R Payne; $589,900.

1311 Decatur Circle, Franklin, McKays Mill; Buyer: Lorraine M Cauley; Seller: I L Sanders;


9071 Clovercroft Preserve Drive, Franklin, Clovercroft Preserve; Buyer: NVR Inc; Seller: Clovercroft Preserve LLC; $167,640.

913 Hickory Hills Drive, Franklin, Hickory Hills; Buyer: Elena and John Richard Buhl; Seller: Terri Wakefield; $642,500.


126 Gardengate Drive, Franklin, Gardens at Old Natchez; Buyer: Tracy M and Benjamin D Olson; Seller: Helen Kei Chung-Hussain and Anwar Ahmed Hussain; $1,385,000.

100 Alpine Court, Franklin, Echo Estates; Buyer: Krista D and David Sagraves; Seller: Steve Reese; $960,000.

403 Essex Park Circle, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Dongmei Ni; Seller: Elizabeth E and Stephen R Nash; $352,000.

701 Legends Crest Drive, Franklin, Legends Ridge; Buyer: Sharon S and Scot K Ware; Seller: Brenda T and David E Hall; $1,050,000.

401 Legends Park Circle, Franklin, Additions at Legends Ridge; Buyer: Logan Ryan; Seller: Sharon S and Scot K Ware; $2,250,000.

100 Boxwood Drive, Franklin, River Rest; Buyer: Craig Milner; Seller: Susan King; $273,000.

5027 Penbrook Drive, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Carolyne Niles; Seller: Stephanie and Todd Lee; $367,000.

5031 Penbrook Drive, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Gregory K Faulk; Seller: Tonya P and Allen W Gracey Jr; $401,600.


510 Mildenhall Lane, Nolensville, Burberry Glen; Buyer: Stacy D and Penuflor Menugo Lontoc III; Seller: Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc; $451,204.

1985 Eulas Way, Nolensville, Eulas Glen; Buyer: Zettler Family Trust; Seller: Regent Homes LLC; $665,000.

451 Edenfield Pass, Nolensville, Telfair; Buyer: Andrew R Johnstone; Seller: Drees Premier Homes Inc; $559,368.

324 Dobson Branch Trail, Nolensville, Bent Creek; Buyer: Luke Pritchard; Seller: Katherine Brianne Scott; $359,900.

9133 Holstein Drive, Nolensville, Farms at Clovercroft; Buyer: Nikki L Goldstein and Jeffrey H Swingholm; Seller: Turnberry Homes LLC; $868,038.

2028 Pulley Place, Nolensville, Bent Creek; Buyer: Emad Abdelsayed; Seller: Amy L and Jonathan Perkins Perkins; $469,500.

410 Oldenberg Road, Nolensville, Benington; Buyer: Lyndee Jean Russell and Chad David Barney; Seller: Barlow Builders LLC; $814,032.

Vacant lot on Bostic Road, Nolensville; Buyer: Joseph R Warren; Seller: William Nally Osburn; $108,000.

1908 Vine Street, Nolensville, Summerlyn; Buyer: Kelli Marie and Jonathan Michael Barnette;

Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $543,611.

730 Cowan Drive, Nolensville, Ballenger Farms; Buyer: Craig Milner; Seller: Rubin Lublin TN PLLC; $314,500.


3038 Havasu Drive, Spring Hill, Campbell Station; Buyer: Mesa Verde Assets LLC; Seller: Shelby J and Albert Lee Swafford; $299,900.

144 Mary Ann Circle, Spring Hill, Petra Commons; Buyer: Alicia M Kaplan Trust; Seller: Regent Homes LLC; $329,940.

3049 Everleigh Place, Spring Hill, Belshire; Buyer: Estella and Kent A Conlon; Seller: Karen Renee and Marvin Eddie Baker; $400,000.

3028 Romain Trail, Spring Hill, Wakefield; Buyer: Brad E Thompson; Seller: Kristin E and Michael Thomas Rose II; $389,900.

2093 LeQuire Lane, Spring Hill, Wades Grove; Buyer: Huxhold Family Trust; Seller: Kimberly L and Travis Ray Johnson; $342,000.

2997 Liverpool Drive, Spring Hill, Brixworth; Buyer: Brannon Matthews; Seller: Pulte Homes TN LP; $380,715.

3004 Grunion Lane, Spring Hill, Arbors at Autumn Ridge; Buyer: Anne B and Stephen E Gibson; Seller: Clark Custom Homes LLC; $426,000.

2910 Wills Court, Spring Hill, Pipkin Hills; Buyer: Jaimie Lynn and Ricky Mitchell Plakhaar; Seller: Kimberly E and William J Len III; $225,000.

1910 Hamelton Circle, Spring Hill, Wyngate Estates; Buyer: Sheri Giargiari; Seller: Dorothy D Bailey and Adam B Vernon; $324,900.

104 Crestwood Lane, Spring Hill, Lexington Farms; Buyer: Lisa M and William K Preslar Jr; Seller:

Jessica and Cole W Beckman; $264,900.

6011 San Giovanni Court, Spring Hill, Benevento East; Buyer: Diane L and James J Ailor Sr; Seller: Lori A and Kevin T Dixon; $363,000.

9055 Wheeler Drive, Spring Hill, Wades Grove; Buyer: Benjamin Gordon; Seller: John Maher Builders Inc; $366,900.

1511 Danville Circle, Spring Hill, Picketts Ridge; Buyer: Michelle Scott; Seller: Cindy Harris; $239,900.

303 Oldbury Lane, Spring Hill, Shirebrook; Buyer: Julie E Merriman; Seller: Regent Homes LLC;


4080 Locerbie Circle, Spring Hill, Chapmans Crossing; Buyer: Cassie N and Sean P MacNicoll; Seller: Alice and Paul Myers; $304,990.

2924 Burtonwood Drive, Spring Hill, Burtonwood; Buyer: Am Marie McManus; Seller: Antonia C Tidwell; $320,000.

402 Heroit Drive, Spring Hill, Hamptons at Campbell Station; Buyer: NVR Inc; Seller: Tenn Contractors Inc; $61,532.

304 Heroit Drive, Spring Hill, Hamptons at Campbell Station; Buyer: NVR Inc; Seller: Tenn Contractors Inc; $61,532.

3028 Grunion Lane, Spring Hill, Autumn Ridge; Buyer: Steven Clark Ethridge; Seller: R G Custom Homes LLC; $403,750.


1403 Staunton Mill Court, Thompson’s Station, Newport Crossing; Buyer: Ashley L and Christopher D Albright; Seller: Richard V Hailey Jr; $289,000.

2521 Westerham Way, Thompson’s Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Beth A and David A Huisenga; Seller: Willow Branch Partners LLC; $447,320.

3632 Robbins Nest Road, Thompson’s Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: Jennifer and William T Rainey; Seller: Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc; $489,674.

2717 Sporting Hill Bridge Road, Thompson’s Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: Katherine M and George Ross Boyd; Seller: Shaw Enterprises Inc; $623,100.

3020 Newport Valley Circle, Thompson’s Station, Newport Valley; Buyer: Allison Reed and David B Pate; Seller: John Maher Builders Inc; $189,900.

2572 Wellesley Square Drive, Thompson’s Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Michelle Suzanne Tidwell; Seller: Willow Branch Partners LLC; $255,035.

2988 Stewart Campbell Point, Thompson’s Station, Cherry Grove; Buyer: Diann B and James E

VanHook; Seller: R G Custom Homes LLC; $516,000.

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