2119 Willowmet Drive, Brentwood, Fountainbrooke; Buyer: Shanhana and Syed N Huda; Seller: Janet M and Stephen D Myers; $825,000. 

1138 Hidden Valley Road, Brentwood, Hidden Valley Estates; Buyer: Ellen Williams and Thomas Mason Hart; Seller: Mary Valentine Francis; $700,000. 

1810 Burland Crescent, Brentwood, Cromwell; Buyer: Jenna and Gilbert Beverly; Seller: Khojimurod Abdugofurov; $1,065,000. 

6825 Walnut Hills Drive, Brentwood, Walnut Ridge; Buyer: Katrina and Jeremiah D Anderson; Seller: Mary Ann and William Smith; $680,000. 

1091 Wilshire Way, Brentwood, Lansdowne; Buyer: Beth Lewis and Mark Wells Miller; Seller: Kathleen C and Richard K Arras; $1,150,000. 

301 Mosley Drive, Brentwood, Iroquois Estates; Buyer: Zeus LLC; Seller: Savannah Sielbeck and Brandon Van Pernis; $890,000. 

1769 Forsyth Park Drive, Brentwood, Montclair; Buyer: Laura and Robert Day; Seller: Wilkinson Revocable Living Trust; $1,734,000. 

6102 Martingale Lane, Brentwood, Belle Rive; Buyer: BMACK Enterprises LLC; Seller: Sharon D and William G Taylor; $1,400,000. 

9401 Greyjoy Drive, Brentwood, Morgan Farms; Buyer: Heather Luse and Russell Scott Rowley; Seller: Mary and Roy V Powers Jr; $1,525,000. 

9264 Berwyn Court, Brentwood, Witherspoon; Buyer: Allyson Bush; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $1,872,720. 

4 Applerock Court, Brentwood, Governors Club; Buyer: Deborah and Manuel Quiogue; Seller: Carolyn W and John L McLean; $1,625,000. 

9916 Maxwell Lane, Brentwood; Buyer: Heather Lee Propper; Seller: Jacqueline E and William S Chamerlik; $1,092,400. 

1615 Covington Drive, Brentwood, Brenthaven; Buyer: Linda P and David E Rogers; Seller: Kimberly and Patrick Hicklen; $775,000. 

1105 Sleeping Valley Court, Brentwood, Windstone; Buyer: John W Swann III Living Trust; Seller: Bridget and Darren Fulco; $2,050,000. 

1732 Ravello Way, Brentwood, Tuscany Hills; Buyer: Lorren D and Keith E Hale; Seller: Cassidy Roland And Joshua Davis Turner; $1,850,000. 

9233 Weston Drive, Brentwood, Lansdowne; Buyer: Samantha Elise and Nicholas Michael Tramontin; Seller: Scarlett G and Phillip S Oatsvall; $1,475,000. 

9758 Jupiter Forest Drive, Brentwood, Chestnut Springs; Buyer: Tanvi Desai and Roopak N Desao; Seller: Jeung Hye and Dukho Kim; $509,000. 

1595 Eastwood Drive, Brentwood, Reserve at Raintree Forest; Buyer: Sarah B and Michael W Thomas; Seller: Aspen Construction LLC; $1,464,512. 

1806 Terrabrooke Private Court, Brentwood, Terrabrooke; Buyer: Amy and Ryan Harms; Seller: Partners in Building of TN LLC; $1,720,000. 

897 Holly Tree Gap Road, Brentwood, Hillview Estates; Buyer: Kathryn A and Ronald D Yarnall; Seller: Lynda M Gunter; $649,900. 

1582 Fawn Creek Road, Brentwood, Raintree Forest; Buyer: Lilly Yi Zhu and Samuel Stuart Bailin; Seller: Deepa Arun and Arun Paul; $813,768. 

1353 Holly Tree Gap Road, Brentwood, Holly Tree Hills; Buyer: Daniel Karshenas; Seller: J D Slater; $155,000. 

1357 Holly Tree Gap Road, Brentwood, Holly Tree Hills; Buyer: Daniel Karshenas; Seller: J D Slater; $155,000. 

9718 Concord Road, Brentwood; Buyer: Yongfeng Yin; Seller: Ying Fu Bullard Living Trust; $300,000. 

8109 Hilldale Drive, Brentwood, Brenthaven; Buyer: Marina Garas and Sameh Dous; Seller: Karen and Philip Kendrick; $1,075,000. 

2427 Clare Park Drive, Brentwood, Commons at Gateway; Buyer: Chase Q McDonald and Jonathan R Walters; Seller: Catherine Marvin; $470,000. 

330 Shadow Creek Drive, Brentwood, Shadow Creek; Buyer: Breanna K and Sara K Hardenstein; Seller: Rebecca L and Steven J Mostello; $742,000. 

1836 Sonoma Trace, Brentwood, Sonoma; Buyer: Marni Gallagher and Ronald Lee Hudson; Seller: G I Silver Separate Property Trust; $975,000. 

10 Portrush Court, Brentwood, Governors Club; Buyer: Timothy J Tayon; Seller: Morgan King and Raymond Alexander Craciun; $1,599,000. 

9120 Shaddlebow Drive, Brentwood, Carondelet; Buyer: KES Properties LLC; Seller: Gina E Lofredo; $595,000. 

224 Williamsburg Circle, Brentwood, Williamsburg Estates; Buyer: Alexandria Parkhurst; Seller: Susanne Parkhurst and William McLaughlin; $650,000. 

284 Stratton Court, Brentwood, Lenox Park; Buyer: Centa Nicole and Seth Rainford; Seller: Joy S and Don E Scurlock; $1,700,000. 

1006 Heights Boulevard, Brentwood, Heights; Buyer: Robbi Franklin; Seller: Partners in Building of TN LLC; $1,799,950. 

5108 Prince Phillip Cove, Brentwood, Stonehenge; Buyer: Graceann and Andrew Visser; Seller: Debra G and John W Williams; $710,000. 

2320 Durham Trail Drive (including lots 1309, 1320, and 1353), Brentwood, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Willowbranch Partners LLC; Seller: Hood Development LLC; $232,500. 

902 Pheasant Runt Court South, Brentwood, Fountainhead; Buyer: Leanne Talley and Clinton Muse Binkley; Seller: The Estate of Ronald Glenn Ramsey and Beryl Beth Ramsey; $1,580,000. 

704 Thurrock Circle, Brentwood, Whetstone; Buyer: Lisa Belloni and John Charles Gibson; Seller: Kacy C and Colin E Ellis; $885,000. 

229 Williamsburg Circle, Brentwood, Williamsburg Estates; Buyer: Sheila Patricia McMorrow and Robert Eric Jones; Seller: Katheryn Hay Hutcheson Revocable Trust; $810,000. 

9647 Radiant Jewel Court, Brentwood, Brookfield; Buyer: Mary Caitlin and Stephen Clabough; Seller: Leslie and Michael D Stuart; $800,000.  


3080 Old Murfreesboro Road, College Grove; Buyer: Melissa A and Steven Joseph Johnson; Seller: Hillarie and Brian Clevlen; $1,015,000. 

8708 Ashbrook Lane, College Grove, The Grove; Buyer: Jami and Spencer Bowen; Seller: Vlada Viktorovna Melekhina and Adam Faragalli; $421,250. 

6902 Pulltight Hill Road, College Grove, Trice Property; Buyer: Laila Brenner and Michael L Garcia; Seller: Eileen and James J Thomas; $713,000. 

7113 Sky Meadow Drive, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: Kimberly J and Gregg Allen Kaufman; Seller: NVR Inc T/A Ryan Homes; $687,905. 

6720 Edgemore Drive, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: Kimberlee and Michael Broussard; Seller: Jennifer and Andrew Miller; $700,000. 

7341 Harlow Drive, College Grove, Hideaway at Arrington; Buyer: Joshua James Freeman III Trust; Seller: Jeffrey William Olyniec and Leonard David Kruse; $2,500,000. 

7577 Whiskey Road, College Grove, Troubadour; Buyer: Jeffery William Olyniec and David Leonard Kruse; Seller: Arrington Property Holdings LLC; $1,500,000. 

7259 Harlow Drive, College Grove, Troubadour; Buyer: Madison Capital Group LLC; Seller: Arrington Property Holdings LLC; $1,050,000. 

7509 Trident Ridge Road, College Grove, Hideaway at Arrington; Buyer: 4K Country LLC; Seller: Ben Crane and Chad Spencer; $3,200,000. 

7202 Neills Branch Drive, College Grove, Vineyard Valley; Buyer: Patricia and Andrew Esposito; Seller: Willow Branch Partners LLC; $619,010. 

6008 Pelican Way, College Grove, The Grove; Buyer: Johnson Trust; Seller: McFarland Shane Construction LLC; $1,450,000. 

8833 Edgecomb Drive, College Grove, The Grove; Buyer: Kristen M and Jason Mark Grusin; Seller: Stonegate Homes LLC; $1,305,095. 

6066 Pelican Way, College Grove, The Grove; Buyer: Stacy Strobl; Seller: Baley N Bodden; $1,999,800. 

6720 Lane Road, College Grove; Buyer: Tammy Tenile and Rockwell Lee Scott; Seller: Christopher M Richey and Kenneth R Burd Jr; $1,399,900. 

7251 Harlow Drive, College Grove, Troubadour; Buyer: Vernon J Gerth; Seller: Arrington Property Holdings LLC; $875,000. 

8405 Six Tring Drive, College Grove, Troubadour; Buyer: Arrington Property Holdings LLC; Seller: James Neal; $1,500,000. 

7377 Harlow Drive, College Grove, Hideaway at Arrington; Buyer: Twin Eagle Creek Farms II LLC and Read Deal LLC; Seller: Arrington Property Holdings LLC; $900,000. 


7801 Willow Crest Drive, Fairview, Willow Crest; Buyer: Kiara Incle and Justin Tyler Donmoyer; Seller: Habitat for Humanity of Williamson-Maury Inc; $305,000. 

7221 Kerry Court, Fairview, Kyles Creek Estates; Buyer: Natalie K and Kyle R Mast; Seller: Katrina A Bailey-Damaschun and Lothar Damaschun Jr; $540,000. 

7459 Old Cox Pike, Fairview; Buyer: Karen F and Todd W Ernest; Seller: Sweet Home Trust; $4,712,000. 

Lot on Cox Pike, Fairview; Buyer: Amber Lorraine and Joe Wheller Mears III; Seller: Nora M Hudgins; $250,000. 

7100 Bahne Road, Fairview, Patton Estates; Buyer: Sienna and Joseph T Baksha; Seller: Bertha and Demetrio Nila; $310,000. 

7411 Les Hughes Road, Fairview; Buyer: Luis Omark Loyo Hernandez; Seller: Elizabeth and Robert Vaught; $150,000. 

7326 Lakelet Cove, Fairview, Pennock Place; Buyer: Cody Rigor; Seller: Century Communities of TN Inc; $388,075. 

7125 Triple Crown Lane, Fairview, Heartland Reserve; Buyer: Martha Beth and Scott Douglas Robertson; Seller: Cindy Formosa and Lester Thomas Bogan; $575,000. 

7887 Horn Tavern Road, Fairview, Springway; Buyer: Margaret Clare and Brian Jay Pratt; Seller: Michelle Renee and Kevin James Highwart; $297,500. 

2401 Fairview Boulevard, Fairview, Glenview Plaza; Buyer: David M Trapani Revocable Trust; Seller: GPS Hospitality Huts LLC; $880,000. 

7112 Northwest Highway, Fairview, Montgomery Porter; Buyer: Katherine and Brandon Waymire; Seller: Kayla S and Matthew A Patt; $345,000. 

7306 Lakelet Cove, Fairview, Pennock Place; Buyer: Alex Trent Perry; Seller: Century Communities of TN Inc; $367,958. 


Lot on Bailey Road, Franklin, Beechwood Plantation; Buyer: Richard J Albright Revocable Trust; Seller: Lucky Dog Farms LLC; $1,001,900. 

Vacant lot on Old Hillsboro Road, Franklin; Buyer: Baird Graham Co LLC; Seller: Rokus Trust 1997; $1,885,000. 

4500 Harpeth School Road, Franklin, Harpeth School; Buyer: Harpeth Land Holdings LLC; Seller: Evergreen Homes LLC; $100,000. 

4309 South Carothers Road, Franklin; Buyer: Lockwood Joint Venture; Seller: Valerie A and Ira A Blonder; $1,500,000. 

185 Heathersett Drive, Franklin, Dallas Downs; Buyer: Kathryn V Hunt and W Keith Herbert; Seller: Kelly Hammett and Robert Scott Howard; $502,000. 

1101 Downs Boulevard #B105, Franklin, Hardison Hills; Buyer: Cindy A and Charles McKelvey; Seller: Teresa A Robotham; $255,000. 

3159 Tristan Drive, Franklin, Franklin Green; Buyer: Sanela Bajrektarevic and Admir Cehaic; Seller: Maureen S and Steven R Caballero; $425,000. 

3501 Bailey Road, Franklin, Beechwood Plantation; Buyer: Elizabeth M and Stephen K Guillaume; Seller: Lucky Dog Farms LLC; $729,710. 

2019 Gracious Drive, Franklin, Simmons Ridge; Buyer: Dawn E Gilbert; Seller: IRA Services Trust Co Custodian FBO Richard Alan Courshon IRA; $429,900. 

912 Rebel Circle, Franklin, Rebel Meadows; Buyer: Lauren and Guy Powell; Seller: Robbie A Smithson; $350,000. 

3102 Brimstead Drive, Franklin, Franklin Green; Buyer: Lunardi Properties LLC; Seller: Ruth R Travis; $530,000. 

402 Melba Circle, Franklin, Dallas Downs; Buyer: Caroline N and John R Tucker; Seller: Elenore and Derek Mitchell Thornton; $420,000. 

937 Cheltenham Avenue, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Peggy Diane and Joseph Paul Sitarz; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $1,206,662. 

2236 Oakleaf Drive, Franklin, Oakleaf Estates; Buyer: Jocelyn S and Peter White; Seller: Susan W and Gary B Minor; $693,000. 

900 Jasper Avenue, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Foxhedge Realty LLC; Seller: SLC Homebuilding LLC; $1,158,938. 

5030 Laughing Brook Lane, Franklin, Waters Edge; Buyer: Sandra G Kane; Seller: Linnea J and Kevin A Ledgister; $625,000. 

5478 Pinewood Road, Franklin; Buyer: JRF Trust and BMF Trust; Seller: Barbara A and Larry G Jenkins; $3,250,000. 

2020 Cabell Drive, Franklin, Riverbluff; Buyer: Samantha and Michael Ackley Menke; Seller: Celebration Homes LLC; $641,130. 

3226 Gardendale Drive, Franklin, Franklin Green; Buyer: Erin Michelle and Benjamin Edward Richardson; Seller: Jessica Sterling Morris; $420,000. 

3014 Stone Valley Private Lane, Franklin, Stone Valley; Buyer: Erik P Amneus; Seller: Rena and Stuart Arnold; $425,000. 

106 Front Street #30, Franklin, Westhaven Vistas; Buyer: Susan D Ledieu; Seller: James W Smith Revocable Trust; $530,000. 

216 Tyne Drive, Franklin, Founders Pointe; Buyer: Candice Marie and Gregory Francis Collins; Seller: Cheryl H and David E Shepard; $545,000. 

211 Snowden Street West, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Christie Berger; Seller: Krystal L and Jonathan M Nite; $940,000. 

Vacant lot on Liberty Pike, Franklin; Buyer: Jesse Dotson Jr; Seller: Betty Turner; $50,000. 

3238 Gardendale Drive, Franklin, Franklin Green; Buyer: Katherine E and Mathew S Rogers; Seller: Grace and Randy Lemaster; $405,000. 

733 Meeting Street, Franklin, Founders Pointe; Buyer: Melissa and Nicholas Montero; Seller: Christine L Lane; $590,000. 

1007 Beamon Drive, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Ava Leathers Johnsey and Ellen Johnsey; Seller: Somer and Patrick Schuyler; $570,000. 

Vacant lot on Eliot Road, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: SLC Homebuilding LLC; Seller: Westhaven Partners LLC; $175,900. 

Vacant lot on Eliot Road, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: SLC Homebuilding LLC; Seller: Westhaven Partners LLC; $196,900. 

1812 Eliot Road, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: SLC Homebuilding LLC; Seller: Westhaven Partners LLC; $175,900. 

1188 Hunters Chase Drive, Franklin, Hunters Chase; Buyer: Sandra R and Scott C Watson; Seller: Melissa and Eric Carroll; $435,000. 

2025 Carters Creek Pike, Franklin; Buyer: Jennifer and Darin M Foster; Seller: Amy D and Kenneth E Zongor; $1,350,000. 

700 Vintage Green Lane #306, Franklin, Shadow Green Condos; Buyer: Robin Christine Moore; Seller: Clayton Properties Group Inc; $363,990. 

2275 Henpeck Lane, Franklin, Westfall Property; Buyer: Melinda and Brian Wynne; Seller: Deborah D and Howard L Hicks; $1,400,000. 

204 9th Avenue South, Franklin, Synergy Bank Annex; Buyer: JCR Properties LLC; Seller: 204 Ninth Avenue Partners LLC; $6,250,000. 

3259 Nolen Lane, Franklin, Franklin Green; Buyer: Daniella and Kyle D Chenoweth; Seller: Joellen P and Paul R Wickline; $450,000. 

416 Dragonfly Court, Franklin, Ralston Row; Buyer: Kimberly Ann Easton Revocable Trust; Seller: Ashley B and Patrick G Dominguez; $865,000. 

730 Fontwell Lane, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Marvin Shotts Jr; Seller: Theresa and Gerard Behan; $640,000. 

159 Chester Stephens Road, Franklin; Buyer: BHP Trust; Seller: Andrew King; $315,000. 

236 Stonehaven Circle, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Janice P and Erik Justin Gaines; Seller: Mary L and David K Tao; $569,000. 

Vacant lot on Peytonsville Road, Franklin; Buyer: Shirzadi Family Trust; Seller: Mary Elizabeth and Clarence Edward Smithson; $600,000. 

1319 West Main Street #106, Franklin; Buyer: Angelique Kristina Espinoza; Seller: Franklin Housing Authority; $177,000. 

451 Wild Elm Street, Franklin, Westhaven Vistas; Buyer: Melissa and Neil Graver; Seller: Anne G and James M Heinrich; $880,000. 

230 Rich Circle, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Samantha and Eric S Tomchik; Seller: Hilary Lauren and Brenton Thomas Flynn Living Trust; $770,000. 

168 Lancaster Drive, Franklin, Harpeth Meadows; Buyer: Jeffrey N Hill; Seller: Robert N Moore Jr; $632,500. 

1129 West Main Street #23, Franklin, Williamsburg Commons; Buyer: Emily A Douglas; Seller: Susan B and Douglas M henry; $300,000. 

2100 Quail Court, Franklin, Boyd Mill Estates; Buyer: Margaret Kay Snyder and Jacob Michael Marshall; Seller: Johnathan Steele; $360,000. 

432 Pearre Springs Way, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Deborah K and Francis D Malnati Jr; Seller: Rachael and Daniel Tanner; $1,350,000. 

525 Rochester Close, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Michael Derk Living Trust; Seller: Shelly Cannady and Carl Brett Young; $2,300,000. 

1416 Wildwood Court, Franklin, Boyd Mill Estates; Buyer: Daniel Jacob Russo; Seller: Olivia and Samuel J Rosselli; $370,000. 

Vacant lot on North Lick Creek Road, Franklin; Buyer: North Lick Creek LLC; Seller: Laura J Walker; $1,825,000.  


2018 Upland Drive, Franklin, Falcon Creek; Buyer: Nielsen Family Revocable Trust; Seller: SPH Property LLC; $411,777. 

205 Verde Meadow Drive, Franklin, Village of Clovercroft; Buyer: Claudia G and Shad R Ogborn; Seller: Greg C Sanford; $660,000. 

6067 Sunrise Circle, Franklin, Morningside; Buyer: Johanna Lewis and Jonathan Scott Lucas; Seller: The Estate of Beverly H Payne; $420,000. 

260 Pennystone Circle, Franklin, Avalon; Buyer: Susan and Jeffrey Allen Carpenter; Seller: Donna A Morton; $505,000. 

337 Dandridge Drive, Franklin, Cannonwood; Buyer: Christina and Taylor Moody; Seller: Raymond Lee Graham Jr; $565,000. 

1619 Brentwood Pointe, Franklin, Brentwood Pointe; Buyer: Kim Rene Helper and Abigail Caroline Helper; Seller: Mary R and Chadwick A Raphael; $360,000. 

2129 Melody Drive, Franklin, Falcon Creek; Buyer: Pam Ann Owen and John Richard Scarbrough; Seller: Amanda S and Brian V Winterland; $435,000. 

812 Saddleview Terrace, Franklin, Cedarmont Valley Estates; Buyer: Allison Clair and Mark Wayne Evans; Seller: Deborah J and William R Phillips; $1,315,000. 

3021 Nolencrest Way, Franklin, Tap Root Hills; Buyer: Maria Almeraz and David Zimmerman; Seller: Patterson Co LLC; $569,305. 

Vacant lot on East McEwen Drive, Franklin, Avalon; Buyer: City of Franklin; Seller: Tors of Avalon Homeowners Association Inc and Vale of Avalon Homeowners Association Inc; $200,800. 

4015 Laurawood Lane, Franklin; Buyer: Lunardi 2018 Revocable Trust; Seller: Ronald H Richey Living Trust; $2,800,000. 

4253 North Chapel Road, Franklin; Buyer: Elizabeth A and Brian R Harriman; Seller: Sandra P and Brian Irvin; $640,000. 

304 Tippecanoe Drive, Franklin, Village of Clovercroft; Buyer: Carmela Rose Tev and James Graham Motter Living Trust; Seller: Noelle and Scott Oliver; $520,000. 

196 London Lane, Franklin, Royal Oaks; Buyer: Jeff Siribandan; Seller: Darlene Marie and Mark Edward Vander Malle; $537,500. 

4207 Franklin Commons Court, Franklin, Franklin Commons South; Buyer: Jay Jalaram Franklin Inc; Seller: BRE/LQ Properties LLC; $6,000,000. 

1949 Griffin Drive, Franklin, Amelia Park; Buyer: Christopher Mason; Seller: Jessica Ann Tillotson and Oliver J Moore; $627,000. 

3016 Wilson Pike, Franklin; Buyer: Heavenbound Trust; Seller: Sareece and Darrell Railford Brown Jr; $1,600,000. 


2408 McIntyre Court, Franklin, Sneed Forest; Buyer: Raymond Danner Jr; Seller: Martha and Robert V Burrows; $930,000. 

219 Halberton Drive, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Maria Delgado and Kevin Patrick McCambridge; Seller: Christopher L Helis Living Trust; $825,000. 

636 Aylesford Lane, Franklin, River Landing; Buyer: Leslie Coleman and Michael Bishop; Seller: Lorrie E and Jon B Ritchie; $934,900. 

1615 Edgewater Court, Franklin, Laurelbrooke; Buyer: Jason M Drewelow; Seller: Darren Grant Davis Revocable Trust; $2,200,000. 

184 Cottonwood Drive, Franklin, Cottonwood Estates; Buyer: Jennifer Leigh and Michael Henry Knotts; Seller: Rhonda J and Mac V Heaberlin; $175,000. 

1127 Deer Lake Road, Franklin, Hunting Creek Farms; Buyer: Sarah and Jacob Wegner; Seller: Ryan and Jordan Hester; $801,000. 

1101 Montpier Drive, Franklin, Montpier Farms; Buyer: Adeline and Ryan Rouser; Seller: Karen E Brown Revocable Trust; $775,000. 

416 Winchester Drive, Franklin, Timberline; Buyer: Ryan Richard Davis; Seller: Karen Hornsby; $850,000. 

166 Baltusrol Road, Franklin, Temple Hills; Buyer: Luz Mendez; Seller: Stone TN Community Property Trust; $600,000. 

4208 Two Rivers Lane, Franklin, Two Rivers; Buyer: Lynn H and Lawrence L Welk; Seller: Hallie L and Stephen C Gostkowski; $3,800,000. 


2468 Rocky Fork Road, Nolensville; Buyer: Montgomery and Randy Schlappi; Seller: Cavan McCann; $799,900. 

Lot on Nolensville Road, Nolensville; Buyer: Nicolas Teasley; Seller: Sharon Puckett Wittenberg; $1,035,800. 

1745 Burke Hollow Road, Nolensville; Buyer: Kathleen O Maher Trust; Seller: Barbara E and Ralph W Jenkins; $899,900. 

785 Ravensdowne Drive, Nolensville, Burberry Glen; Buyer: Jason Parks; Seller: Patterson Co LLC; $500,925. 

6131 Christmas Drive, Nolensville, Bent Creek; Buyer: Heather and Brian W Felker; Seller: Chelsey and Tyler Wall; $482,500. 

736 Ravensdowne Drive, Nolensville, Burberry Glen; Buyer: Swint Family Trust; Seller: Meritage Homes of TN Inc; $529,990. 

4811 Jobe Trail, Nolensville, Bent Creek; Buyer: Emily and Dylan Baylosis; Seller: Kalena and John Bess Living Trust; $510,000. 

1826 Abbey Wood Drive, Nolensville, Burberry Glen; Buyer: Rezek Ayoub and Eman Ayoub; Seller: Meritage Homes of TN Inc; $519,990. 

7744 Thayer Road, Nolensville, Enclave at Dove Lake; Buyer: Anna Naraeva and Sergey Nossik; Seller: Weekley Homes LLC; $629,484. 

1733 Bastante Court, Nolensville, Winterset Woods; Buyer: Grace and Shawn MacLean; Seller: Lauren R Grogan and Troy J Loewen; $480,000. 

1256 Craighleigh Drive, Nolensville, Woods at Burberry Glen; Buyer: Elizabeth Huffard and Salil Jose Paily; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $594,146. 

906 Whittmore Drive, Nolensville, Whittmore; Buyer: Ruchira Mukeshbhai Patel and Ruchita Mukeshbhai Patel; Seller: Joy Lynn Lunn; $559,900. 

304 Baronswood Drive, Nolensville, Baronswood; Buyer: Opendoor Property Trust I; Seller: Sharee Leblanc and Karl Joseph Broussard; $420,100. 

437 Edenfield Pass, Nolensville, Telfair; Buyer: Elizabeth and Clinton Ballew; Seller: Heather Ashley and Jashua Booher; $720,000.  


2024 Brisbane Drive, Spring Hill, Cherry Grove; Buyer: Steven A Compton and Stephen C Brock; Seller: Kimberly and Scotty Jackson; $725,000. 

1766 Witt Way Drive, Spring Hill, Witt Hill; Buyer: Hakim-Shah TNRE1 LLC; Seller: Sarah and Daniel Cornett; $356,000. 

6002 Trout Lane, Spring Hill, Autumn Ridge; Buyer: Sarah and Daniel Cornett; Seller: Kimberly G and Bruce A Neely; $650,000. 

2660 Buckner Lane, Spring Hill, Twin Lakes; Buyer: Propst Realty Nashville LLC; Seller: Buckner Lane Partners LP; $11,000,000. 

3019 Auld Tatty Drive, Spring Hill, Highlands at Campbell Station; Buyer: Opendoor Property Trust I; Seller: Tiffany Diane Charles; $343,300. 

1618 Fair Horse Road, Spring Hill, Spring Hill Place; Buyer: Amanda and Aaron M Iwanciw; Seller: Donna and Jeffrey A Miller; $605,000. 

2020 Hemlock Drive, Spring Hill, Woodside Townhomes; Buyer: Debra Summer 1999 Separate Property Trust; Seller: Teresa M Doddy; $290,000. 

401 Oldbury Private Lane, Spring Hill, Shirebrook; Buyer: Kristin Nicole Meyers; Seller: Cynthia A and Justin W Smith; $310,000. 

9035 Safe Haven Place, Spring Hill, Brixworth; Buyer: Margaret A and Anthony J Venti Jr Trust of 2002; Seller: John Maher Builders Inc; $553,421. 

2007 Fiona Way, Spring Hill, Chapmans Crossing; Buyer: Meredith Carroll; Seller: Christopher Lynn Moore; $340,000. 

2210 Dewey Drive, Spring Hill, Ridgeport; Buyer: Kristine Moore; Seller: Stephanie D Garrett; $270,000. 

8044 Brightwater Way, Spring Hill, Brixworth; Buyer: Gunjan Kumar Saxena; Seller: John Maher Builders Inc; $527,900. 

1022 Cantwell Place, Spring Hill, Belshire; Buyer: Dala and Deryl Herbert; Seller: Stacey and Donnie Streiff; $710,000. 

4918 Main Street #2, Spring Hill, Spring Hill Business Park; Buyer: Priya Anand; Seller: Melvin P Campbell VI Trust; $269,900. 

1644 Zurich Drive, Spring Hill, Wyngate Estates; Buyer: Zillow Homes Property Trust; Seller: Avery Lynne and Vincent W Burch; $369,400. 

8024 Brightwater Way, Spring Hill, Brixworth; Buyer: Kristy and Robert Handy; Seller: John Maher Builders Inc; $577,907. 

1966 Allerton Way, Spring Hill, Copper Ridge; Buyer: Corey Jones; Seller: Shari R and Leon Byrd Jr; $436,000. 

2945 Hearthside Drive, Spring Hill, Candlewood; Buyer: Progress Nashville LLC; Seller: Kathryn D and Michael D Wrye; $317,000. 

4005 Gersham Court, Spring Hill, Chapmans Retreat; Buyer: Jourdan and Wesley Burghardt; Seller: Sarah P and John Michael Scaffidi; $487,000. 

8004 San Cabrillo Court, Spring Hill, Benevento Easat; Buyer: Joshua Carpenter; Seller: Veronica Lynn and Frank Paul Fries Jr; $510,000. 


2027 Tollgate Boulevard, Thompson’s Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Rachel A and William H Pinkstaff; Seller: Regent Homes LLC; $465,900. 

3779 Wareham Drive, Thompson’s Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Leigh Ann Y and Steven L Hines; Seller: Carey M and Brandon H Carter; $628,000. 

2608 Wellesley Square Drive, Thompson’s Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Carrie Michelle Scensny; Seller: Marilyn and Paul F Scensny; $321,500. 

2628 Thompson’s Station Road East, Thompson’s Station; Buyer: Rhonda Marlene and Robert Lee Moore; Seller: Kathleen D and Ralph G Latta; $500,000. 

2792 Cabin Run Bridge Road, Thompson’s Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: Chelsey and Kristopher W Matheson; Seller: Aleesa Powers and Philip Gaudin; $705,000. 

Vacant lot on Spring Water Lane, Thompson’s Station; Buyer: Margaret R Delashmutt; Seller: Cynthia and Fred Johnson; $292,000. 

2624 Bramblewood Lane, Thompson’s Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Gabriela and Ric David Robbins; Seller: Willow Branch Partners LLC; $528,200. 

3819 Bear Creek Road, Thompson’s Station; Buyer: Melissa Marie and Jason Michael Logan; Seller: Julia and Dana Jorgensen; $221,000. 

2655 Churchill Drive, Thompson’s Station, Campbell Station; Buyer: Olivia and Samuel J Rosselli; Seller: Amanda M Hernandez-Torres and Saul Barrientos Juarez; $495,000. 

2904 Americus Drive, Thompson’s Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Denise S and James F McCarthy Jr; Seller: Monica S Hayes; $776,000. 

412 Cashmere Drive, Thompson’s Station, Cherry Glen Condos; Buyer: Brittany Shipley; Seller: Thomas E Gentry; $256,000. 

3521 Creamery Bridge Road, Thompson’s Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: Carey and Brandon H Carter; Seller: Kimberly Ann and Matthew Shane Wiltshire; $870,000. 

2023 Tollgate Boulevard, Thompson’s Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Jeffrey V Gauci; Seller: Regent Homes LLC; $423,275. 

2832 Maple Circle, Thompson’s Station, Maplelawn Estates; Buyer: B Alicia Griffin Living Trust; Seller: Mark W Sweeney; $322,000. 

2944 Americus Drive, Thompson’s Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Jennifer Cato; Seller: Kelly Wallace and Matthew Marlow; $615,000. 

3279 Vinemont Drive, Thompson’s Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Noelle and Scott Oliver; Seller: Katelin and Mykael J Williamson; $592,000. 

3302 Vinemont Drive, Thompson’s Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Kathleen and Troy Partridge; Seller: Phillips Builders LLC; $631,732. 

2215 Ipswitch Drive, Thompson’s Station, Cherry Grove; Buyer: Hakim-Shah TNRE1 LLC; Seller: Lauren Nicole Mundy and Michael P Cook; $362,000.