9246 Wardley Park Lane, Brentwood, Annandale; Buyer: Kaplan Ventures LLC; Seller: Hwa Soon and Christopher Y Chun; $915,000.

951 Pinkerton Court, Brentwood, Stoneview; Buyer: Violeta Sorensen and Kirby Kiskadden; Seller: Mary T Griffin; $560,000.

213 Overlook Circle, Brentwood, Corporate Ridge Office; Buyer: Tin Birds General Partnership; Seller: Pamela J Chandler; $685,900.

220 Skyline Drive, Brentwood, Brentwood Estates; Buyer: Mike Lytle; Seller: Donald G Shockley; $383,915.

9722 Jupiter Forest Drive, Brentwood, Owl Landing; Buyer: Toni S and Jeremy N Perry; Seller: Woul Hyang Hwang; $439,900.

1007 Falling Leaf Circle, Brentwood, Windstone; Buyer: Shirley G and Eric L Boozer; Seller: Nancy B and Charles B Musgrove; $960,300.

14 Carmel Lane, Brentwood, Governors Club; Buyer: Full Circle Property Trust; Seller: Kimberly A and Glen Marconcini; $2,980,000.

1524 Abode Lane, Brentwood, Hidden Creek; Buyer: Dina Nosshy Labib and Ehab Joseph Hana; Seller: Joy A and Michael P Giggie; $584,100.

8217 Falmouth Court, Brentwood, Twin Springs; Buyer: Penelope J and John H Nelson; Seller: Teresa A Fisher; $590,000.

605 Sunnybrook Drive, Brentwood, Shadow Creek; Buyer: Kendra Wills and Anthony Murbarak; Seller: Shannon R and William T Pope; $567,400.

7036 Wikle Road West, Brentwood, Kings Crossing; Buyer: Mehmet M Alatas; Seller: Michelle and Kenneth Ryan Meadows; $675,000.

6204 Mapleton Court, Brentwood, Belle Rive; Buyer: Sherrie and John T Cavin; Seller: Valerie S and David Christopher Morrison; $829,200.

701 Thurrock Circle, Brentwood, Whetstone; Buyer: CLAS Inv LLC; Seller: Deborah L Stephenson; $650,000.

1846 Burland Crescent, Brentwood, Cromwell; Buyer: Carolyn Marie Whitaker-Bukowski and Bryan C Bukowski; Seller: NSH Nashville LLC; $875,482.

704 Vineland Court, Brentwood, Mooreland Estates; Buyer: Jennifer and John R Bailey; Seller: Ashley and Mitchell Glenn; $310,000.

739 Rolling Fork Drive, Brentwood, Brentwood Close; Buyer: Frances and Paul Sexon; Seller: Johnson Rev Trust; $575,000.

1212 Boxthom Drive, Brentwood, Owl Creek; Buyer: Cindy Lu and Alex La; Seller: Beazer Homes LLC; $610,000.

1600 Clearview Drive, Brentwood, Mooreland Estates; Buyer: Glenda V Johnston; Seller: Tammie L and Grady Scott Weston; $337,000.

9562 Dresden Square, Brentwood, Taramore; Buyer: Sequoia Rev Trust; Seller: Pulte Homes Tennessee LP; $617,500.

805 Chestnut Court, Brentwood, Southern Woods; Buyer: Lindsey and Jonathan Hays; Seller: Melanie L Chase; $500,000.

7 Camelback Court, Brentwood, Governors Club; Buyer: Patricia A and Stanley F Kubiak; Seller: Margaret C and Joe Kelly; $1,195,000.

9492 Waterfall Road, Brentwood, Raintree Forest South; Buyer: Ann Marie Christiano and Leandro G Christiano Silva; Seller: Belinda and Karl Fortman; $610,800.

1818 Grey Pointe Drive, Brentwood, Inglehame Farms; Buyer: Stephanie Margarete and William Fraser Campbell; Seller: Dora and Richard Theiss; $820,000.

6000 Belle Rive Drive, Brentwood, Belle Rive; Buyer: Egg Properties LLP; Seller: Wanda Kay and R Bruce Shack; $1,039,000.


8547 Heirloom Boulevard, College Grove, The Grove; Buyer: Jeanette and David J Lee; Seller: Beasley Construction and Assoc LLC; $1,568,200.

6061 Pelican Way, College Grove, The Grove; Buyer: John Agee; Seller: Eric Emery; $985,000.

7097 Lanceleaf Drive, College Grove, Hideaway at Arrington; Buyer: Katherine B and Carlos G Cooper; Seller: Old South Construction LLC; $1,162,500.


7215 Lake Road NW, Fairview; Buyer: Helen E Day; Seller: Community Housing Partnership of Williamson County Inc; $121,000.

7118 Fernvale Road, Fairview, Tressie Estates; Buyer: Elizabeth M Andersen; Seller: Sylvia Wilson; $299,000.

7214 New Hope Pass, Fairview, Blakemont Estates; Buyer: Vicki and Mary Tatten; Seller: Elizabeth A and Mark G Ghist; $255,000.


1508 Granville Road, Franklin, Orleans Estate Condos; Buyer: Angela L Dillard; Seller: Glendra and David Thompson; $120,000.

207 Cheltenham Avenue, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Carissa Ockey; Seller: Celi and Seth Mosley; $660,000.

2207 Creekside Lane, Franklin, Oakwood Estates; Buyer: Krista and Zachary Jameson; Seller: K J Passman; $380,000.

1617 Diamond Drive, Franklin, South Point; Buyer: Lita Minger and David Miranda; Seller: Margaret D and Robert J Andrea; $619,900.

2083 McAvoy Drive, Franklin, Lockwood Glen; Buyer: Pamela and Phillip Kurtz; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $676,440.

1926 Championship Boulevard, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Tiffany Leigh and Neil Andrew Ramirez; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $730,820.

401 Royal Crossing, Franklin, Forrest Crossing; Buyer: Sarah and Joel A Griffith; Seller: Marcia A and William R Christian; $308,000.

219 Cavanaugh Lane, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Zurich Homes Group LLC; Seller: Westhaven Partners LLC; $171,496.

205 Creekstone Boulevard, Franklin, Creekstone Commons; Buyer: Annette M and Jack F Aronson; Seller: Jerry Orten; $489,500.

229 Helping Hands Drive, Franklin, Westview Estates; Buyer: Bertha Galindo and Manuel Atilano; Seller: Tammy Lee; $183,000.

4620 Nadine Lane, Franklin, Ivan Creek; Buyer: Pamela D and Joseph D Storey; Seller: Revondas and Michael Don Rich; $870,000.

4051 Flatwater Street, Franklin, Waters Edge; Buyer: Judy G and Ronald I Williams; Seller: Clayton Properties Group Inc; $387,811.

1166 Westhaven Boulevard, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Erika K and Rodney B Mott Jr; Seller: Katelyn Marie and Lyles Henry Holifield; $505,000.

508 Riverview Drive, Franklin, Riverview Park; Buyer: Katie Samantha and Matthew S Wallace; Seller: Haley E and Brett J Beeler; $307,000.

124 Golden Meadow Lane, Franklin, Golden Meadows; Buyer: Ashley Mitchell-Abarca and David Abarca; Seller: Jeanette L Herdman; $349,000.

124 Prince William Lane, Franklin, Reid Hill Commons; Buyer: Maria G Hodak; Seller: Cynthia M McCabe; $325,000.

2228 Bowman Road, Franklin, Oakwood Estates; Buyer: Lauren A and Joseph A Klich; Seller: Judy E and Phil E Simpson; $378,250.

305 Walter Roberts Street, Franklin, Berry Farms Town Center; Buyer: Angela D and Aaron J Whitaker; Seller: Carolyn Scott and Jason E Clowers; $585,000.

1901 Championship Boulevard, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Nancy B and Charles M Musgrove; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $861,2027.

509 South Margin Street, Franklin, Clouston Park; Buyer: Nancy and Braden Dahl; Seller: Caren A Lipscomb; $537,525.

4648 Haislip Court, Franklin, Ivan Creek; Buyer: Chatham Family Rev Trust; Seller: Marcus D Haislip; $1,200,000.

1510 Indian Springs Drive, Franklin, Indian Meadows; Buyer: Shannon Stoner and Robert Armstrong Jr; Seller: Chelsea S and Michael P Shay; $373,200.

1420 Ridley Drive, Franklin, Mayberry Station; Buyer: Darian Slywka; Seller: Jayne S and Henry D Crane; $482,500.

105 Cadet Circle, Franklin, Cadet Homes; Buyer: SN Developments LLC; Seller: Joanne and David Russell; $170,000.

3247 Kinnard Springs Road, Franklin, Kinnard Springs; Buyer: Monica and Ken Vinoski; Seller: Chaney Rae Scott; $1,310,000.

4057 Flatwater Street, Franklin, Waters Edge; Buyer: Dawn D and Thomas P Arnold; Seller: Clayton Properties Group Inc; $360,799.

3132 Millbank Lane, Franklin, Spencer Hall; Buyer: Brittany and Jeremy Weckman; Seller: Dawn M Irvin; $385,000.

4388 Arno Road, Franklin; Buyer: Donnelly Family 2002 Trust; Seller: Cynthia and Darin Scheff; $275,000.

5011 Huntmere Avenue, Franklin, Stream Valley; Buyer: NVR Inc; Seller: Stream Valley Franklin LLC; $90,532.

9037 Huntmere Avenue, Franklin, Stream Valley; Buyer: NVR Inc; Seller: Stream Valley Franklin LLC; $90,532.

4063 Flatwater Street, Franklin, Waters Edge; Buyer: Joseph Kurt Alexander; Seller: Clayton Properties Group Inc; $359,631.

152 Downs Boulevard, Apartment 152, Franklin, Hardison Hills; Buyer: Marvin Bloomer; Seller: Sheila E and Gary W Hale; $200,000.

9056 Keats Street, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Pamela Marie Kennedy; Seller: Kristin Frost Farragina; $525,000.

210 Chestnut Lane, Franklin, Hill Estates; Buyer: Matthew T Logan; Seller: Erin L Parker; $191,500.

308 Beamon Drive, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Jamie and Jordan Feliz; Seller: Brenley Crossing Partners LLC; $579,656.


1949 Griffin Drive, Franklin, Amelia Park; Buyer: Jessica Ann and Oliver J Moore; Seller: Pulte Homes Tennessee LP; $601,135.

3038 Farmhouse Drive, Franklin, Tap Root Hills; Buyer: Brian Weiss; Seller: Patterson Co LLC; $551,223.

2027 Daylily Drive, Franklin, Garden Club; Buyer: Betty and J D Kessenger; Seller: Jamie L and Kirk C Thompson; $674,900.

9127 Barred Owl Drive, Franklin, Clovercroft Preserve; Buyer: Angela and Philip J Martin; Seller: NVR Inc T/A Ryan Homes; $291,100.

Parcels 014004 and 014008 on Liberty Pike, Franklin; Buyer: Consort Building TN LLC; Seller: 300 Watson Road LLC; $1,510,000.

197 Carronbridge Way, Franklin, Cool Springs East; Buyer: Molinar Aldee and Ivan Trevino; Seller: Celeste and David Clydesdale; $742,000.

212 Watson View Drive, Franklin, Village of Clovercroft; Buyer: Erica and James Gurule; Seller: Lindsey B and Frank Dial; $479,000.

1931 Griffin Drive, Franklin, Amelia Park; Buyer: Holland and Alexander R Valdez; Seller: Pulte Homes Tennessee LP; $446,785.

441 Savannah Way, Franklin, Cool Springs East; Buyer: Celeste and David Clydesdale; Seller: Heather Pennel and Keith Patrick Potts; $505,000.

9089 Chardonnay Trace, Franklin, Chardonnay; Buyer: Brittany and Timothy Kirch; Seller: Donna B and William Lonnie Wilson; $680,000.

920 Market Street, Franklin, Amelia Park; Buyer: Emily K and Robert M Browning; Seller: Cassandra R Johnson and Timothy M Smith; $460,500.

3201 Aspen Grove Drive #I6, Franklin, Parkside at Aspen Grove; Buyer: Paula and Richard Riggins; Seller: Linda Hawkins and Don Harvey Ware; $267,565.

1617 Brentwood Pointe, Franklin, Brentwood Pointe; Buyer: Un Mun and Daniel M Moon; Seller: Alice Dickert-Giglio and Raphael Giglio; $285,900.

3015 Westerly Drive, Franklin, McKays Mill; Buyer: Norman B Purvis Jr; Seller: Rita W and Michael G Hayek; $480,000.

205 Corey Drive, Franklin, Golden Meadows; Buyer: Barbara W and William Dee White Rev Living Trust; Seller: Patricia R and Robert E Feinstein; $368,500.

1312 Huffines Ridge Drive, Franklin, Sullivan; Buyer: RSG Huffine GP; Seller: S and G Properties LLC; $1,050,000.


2040 Harvington Drive, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Linda and Richard Holmes; Seller: Nanci and Braden Dahl; $426,000.

747 High Point Ridge Road, Franklin, Brewer-Southard; Buyer: Paige C and William Lee Horn; Seller: Anne E Shepard and Alfred S Telles; $440,000.

402 Landrake Close, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Nicole M Scholvinck; Seller: Laurel A and Simon R Hartland; $445,000.

424 Essex Park Circle, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Sylvia S and John D McEachin; Seller: Willhite Family Trust; $365,000.

108 Sweethaven Court, Franklin, Laurelbrook; Buyer: Ellen and Kenneth Scott Newman; Seller: Anne H Knestrick; $888,625.

1011 Del Rio Court, Franklin, Magnolia Place; Buyer: Evangeline R and San Juan Arthur Gonzales; Seller: Paula J and Christian D Smith; $299,900.

137 Clarendon Circle, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Suzanne M Lawless; Seller: Elizabeth B and Robert Hathaway; $439,900.

1139 Stonebridge Park Drive, Franklin, Stonebridge Park; Buyer: Shannon Annette and Dennis Bruce Deblock Jr; Seller: Ana M and Peter E Clark; $685,000.

1038 Buena Vista Drive, Franklin, Hillsboro Cove; Buyer: Cinda and Victory Lee Martin; Seller: Hidden Valley Homes LLC; $1,290,422.

412` Newbary Court, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Virginia G Brewer; Seller: James Mitchell Johnson Living Trust; $315,000.

220 Ben Brush Circle, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: James M Johnson; Seller: Jeannie Timmons; $378,500.

6650 Hastings Lane, Franklin, Temple Hills Country Club; Buyer: Christie and Nicholas Bradley; Seller: Rockford Realty and Construction Co Inc; $280,000.


804 Walridge Court, Nolensville, Scales Farmstead; Buyer: Angela Jacobs and Steven A Haug; Seller: Drees Premier Homes Inc; $592,151.

1039 Brittain Lane, Nolensville, Brittain Downs; Buyer: Rachael and Austin Hicks; Seller: Yeganeh G and Mohammad Ali Tabai; $550,000.

1612 Dandelion Court, Nolensville, Ballenger Farms; Buyer: Jessica and Robert Lanier II; Seller: Leann and Joshua Kersey; $379,900.

Nolensville Road, Nolensville; Buyer: Wurya Shwani; Seller: William Nalley Osburn; $225,000.

8025 Warren Drive, Nolensville, Bent Creek; Buyer: Cates Builders LLC; Seller: Celebration Homes LLC; $91,500.

8037 Warren Drive, Nolensville, Bent Creek; Buyer: Cates Builders LLC; Seller: Celebration Homes LLC; $91,500.

1016 Hebron Trace Drive, Nolensville, Bent Creek; Buyer: Victoria and Zach Piller; Seller: Heidi and Nathan Wright; $285,000.

717 Cowan Drive, Nolensville, McFarlin Woods; Buyer: Jaye Carol and Robert E Wagoner Jr; Seller: Patricia W Carroll; $344,500.

807 Delaware Court, Nolensville, Benington; Buyer: Sherry A and Jess A Oleson; Seller: Susan N and Robert H Hermann; $722,000.

4635 Sawmill Place, Nolensville, Bent Creek; Buyer: Kathy L and Thomas Baxter Naïve; Seller: Mariska and Christopher Harris; $370,000.

1865 Looking Glass Lane, Nolensville, Ballenger Farms; Buyer: Ruiyao Li and Zhentao Zhang; Seller: Kelly and Travis Clarke; $359,900.

545 Fort Lee Court, Nolensville, Winterset Woods; Buyer: Diane M and Edwin T Koehler; Seller: Erin and Christopher Jannes; $615,000.

2633 Nolita Lane, Nolensville, Silver Stream Farms; Buyer: Joy A Bryant; Seller: NVR Inc T/A Ryan Homes; $455,512.

7809 Nolensville Road, Nolensville, Arrington Retreat; Buyer: Drees Premier Homes Inc; Seller: Waterstone Single Development LLC; $115,727.

1040 Brittain Downs Drive, Nolensville, Brittain Downs; Buyer: Remedio N and Vaughn M Pangelinan; Seller: Kim W McCullough; $545,000.


2844 Cochran Trace Drive, Spring Hill, Cochran Trace; Buyer: Sarah and David Long; Seller: Katrina Roberts; $240,000.

1406 Baileys Barn Court, Spring Hill, Burtonwood; Buyer: Beasley Construction and Assoc LLC; Seller: Sharon and Jonathan Hritz; $282,500.

1714 Stephenson Lane, Spring Hill, Chapmans Retreat; Buyer: AH4R-TN 3 LLC; Seller: Devin W Riley; $252,000.

2833 Sutherland Drive, Spring Hill, Sutherland; Buyer: Safari One Asset Co LLC; Seller: Andrea B and Timothy A Mills; $245,000.

2975 Burtonwood Drive, Spring Hill, Burtonwood; Buyer: Devan R and James B Knight; Seller: Allison and Jeff Skalisky; $330,000.

1472 Bern Drive, Spring Hill, Wyngate Estates; Buyer: Karen L Martin; Seller: Gina and Bernard Olsen; $271,600.

1071 Aenon Circle, Spring Hill, Crossing at Wades Grove; Buyer: Megan and Mason Mingus; Seller: Jennifer L and Joseph M Anderson; $331,900.

2028 Fiona Way, Spring Hill, Chapmans Crossing; Buyer: Cecilia and Eduardo Magana Figueroa; Seller: Yasmin Alvarez Figeroa; $161,800.

2020 Morton Drive, Spring Hill, Willowvale at Harvey Springs; Buyer: Shannon and Ryan Payne; Seller: Ashley and Joshua Schmidt; $360,000.

2224 Hayward Lane, Spring Hill, Wyngate Estates; Buyer: Anna M and Edward G Browning; Seller: Corley and Eli J Fredrickson; $249,900.

6062 Hunt Valley Drive, Spring Hill, Spring Hills Place; Buyer: Bethany and Randy L Armstrong; Seller: Georgia and Michael D Krewson; $505,000.

1005 Maleventum Way, Spring Hill, Benevento East; Buyer: Hali F and Matthew D Sell; Seller: Pulte Homes Tennessee LP; $416,685.

1144 Summerville Circle, Spring Hill, Newport Crossing; Buyer: Sheila E and Gary W Hale; Seller: Rice Rev Living Trust; $250,500.

4004 Red Brick Court, Spring Hill, Wades Grove; Buyer: Sarah A and Christopher Olsen; Seller: John Maher Builders Inc; $362,065.

4129 Miles Johnson Parkway, Spring Hill, Arbors at Autumn Ridge; Buyer: Ruth A and Andrew C Gore; Seller: Clark Custom Homes LLC; $482,699.

4109 Miles Johnson Parkway, Spring Hill, Arbors at Autumn Ridge; Buyer: Tanya Kresta; Seller: Kathleen M Suitter; $434,900.

6000 San Giovanni Court, Spring Hill, Benevento East; Buyer: Carol and Nathan Miller; Seller: Vicki and Michael D Booth; $399,000.

2084 Morton Drive, Spring Hill, Cooper Ridge; Buyer: NVR Inc; Seller: Copperstone Development Partners LLC; $56,408.

3002 Yellow Brick Court, Spring Hill, Wades Grove; Buyer: Patricia Reagan and Robert Earl Feinstein; Seller: John Maher Builders Inc; $325,382.

6039 Sanmar Drive, Spring Hill, Wades Grove; Buyer: Carmita and Francisco J Moncayo; Seller: John Maher Builders Inc; $420,692.

2917 Sams Court, Spring Hill, Pipkin Hills; Buyer: Safari One Asset Co LLC; Seller: Megan E Bridenbaugh and William C Walker; $217,500.

1006 Williford Court, Spring Hill, Tanyard Springs; Buyer: Safari One Asset Co LLC; Seller: Un Chu Mun and Daniel Myongil Moon; $295,100.

1407 Savannah Park Drive, Spring Hill, Spring Hill Place; Buyer: Joan M Hosmer; Seller: Ana Deleon and Archer Santiago Pangillnan; $410,000.

3005 Grunion Lane, Spring Hill, Autumn Ridge; Buyer: R G Custom Homes LLC; Seller: Autumn Ridge Development Co; $85,000.

3003 Grunion Lane, Spring Hill, Autumn Ridge; Buyer: R G Custom Homes LLC; Seller: Autumn Ridge Development Co; $85,000.


3528 Creamery Bridge Road, Thompson’s Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: Jeanine Marie and Matt Bradford Osborn; Seller: G P Luxury LLC; $735,000.

Parcels 01308 and 01305 on Thompson Station Road West, Thompson’s Station; Buyer: Jessica L and Roman Smith; Seller: Old Hillsboro Building Co LLC; $540,000.

2527 Tapestry Street, Thompson’s Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Amanda P and Robert L Saldana; Seller: Brooke A and Erica B Wright; $365,500.

2100 Ipswitch Court, Thompson’s Station, Cherry Grove; Buyer: Laura J and Robert W Poole; Seller: Kathryn L and Richard J Dracup; $272,000.

2101 Ipswitch Court, Thompson’s Station, Cherry Grove; Buyer: Kara A and Steven B Pickerill; Seller: Margaret and John Fordyee Zepernick Sr; $299,900.

1504 Channing Drive, Thompson’s Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Lisa A and Daniel R Mohnke; Seller: Alexa C and Justin W Dorris; $299,000.

3558 Creamery Bridge Road, Thompson’s Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: Iris and Tyrone A Bennett; Seller: Tennessee Valley Homes Inc; $704,583.

Lots 1001, 1048, 1055, 1057, 1105, 1106, 1111, 1121 on Paddock Drive, Thompson’s Station, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Willow Branch Partners LLC; Seller: Hood Development LLC; $504,000.

2219 Chantry Place Lane, Thompson’s Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Mary E and Christopher C Romes; Seller: Melinda Lea and Barry J Kyte Jr; $435,000.

2831 Maple Circle, Thompson’s Station, Maplelawn Estates; Buyer: Property Owner 3 LLC; Seller: Charles Lewis Lastik; $205,500.

3405 McGee Cove, Thompson’s Station, Cameron Farms; Buyer: Melanie L Chase; Seller: Becky and Bobby Maudlin; $305,000.

2888 Americus Drive, Thompson’s Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Christina M and Michael J Stainbrook Jr; Seller: Lennar Homes of TN LLC; $483,000.

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