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We all know the kitchen pantry can have a tempting voice that beckons you to do bad things.

That box of double chocolate chip cookies and bag of chips refuse to live a life of solitude! They demand your attention and your company. Temptation can be difficult to resist, especially if other options are not readily available. That simple slogan of just say no is not realistic. Here’s a better way. It’s a Healthy Pantry Makeover. REBOOT your pantry and kick start your way to better health.

There are lots of strategies for a health pantry makeover, all of which will be part of a series to teach smarter ways to shop and cook and eat. Here are some starting points.

Read the labels, if it sounds like a science experiment, toss it. Reward yourself, but not with food. A movie or a walk with a friend, a lazy soak in the tub. Leave triggers on the shelf at the grocery store. If you know you can’t resist a certain product, then leave it at the store. Don’t try to do it all at once; that can be overwhelming and expensive. Start small and with a few items at a time; rule of thumb, the fewer the ingredients, the better the food.


1. White rice and pasta

2. Salty, fried snack foods like chips. Anything that has chemicals, and color.

3. Take a look at the ingredient in your condiments.

4. Sugary cereals

5. Canned soups, make your own and freeze.

6. High fructose corn syrup drinks.

7. Yogurts with artificial sweeteners and colors.

8. Anything labeled sugar free, fat free or light.

9. Frozen Entrees. These are loaded with sodium and preservatives.


1. Whole grains like brown rice or quinoa.

2. Nuts. Pumpkin seeds, raw almonds are always a great go to. Freeze berries, grapes or bananas for a sweet treat in the summer!

3. Popcorn made with coconut oil and sea salt.

4. Healthy oils like olive and coconut. Spices like jalapeño lemon pepper. Herbs always spice up any entree. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try all kinds!!

5. Beans! Dried are best. Black, pinto and lentils.

6. Sparkling water with lemons or limes.

7. Greek Yogurt

8. Seasonal fruits and vegetables. Organic is always best.

9. Hummus, salsa, guacamole, or tamari sauce.

10. Homemade chili or soups. Keep in freezer for quick access.

As you can see it doesn’t have to be a huge task to make a few swaps and you are on your way to a healthier you!!

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