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A bird's-eye view of the proposed mixed-use development project Kingsley Place.

Spring Hill city leaders are set to vote Monday night on Kingsley Place, and new 44-acre mixed-use development project that will include a new grocery store, land dedicated for a new police department, retail and office space and hundreds of apartment units.

The project is proposed to be constructed just behind the Kroger on Port Royal Road, just a quarter mile north of Saturn Parkway and fronting both North Old Port Royal Road and Lovell Lane.

Included in the project are 516 apartment units spread across 29 acres, with with the remaining 15 acres comprising of grocery, retail and office space. Of those remaining 15 acres, 3.5 will be "dedicated to the city of Spring Hill for a new police department," per the project's description.

Screenshot (1125).png

An artist's rendering of the main boulevard included in Kingsley Place.

The apartment complex is planned to house a club house, a swimming pool, and amenity center, and will front the eastern border of the site, whereas the grocery and retail space will front the western border.

Submitted by WES Engineers & Surveyors, the developer behind the project has indicated that the three to four apartment buildings will be constructed first, with the grocery and retail development coming last.

In a written presentation presented to the city, the developer expands on their thinking behind the high amount of residential space in the project.

"The residential portion of the planned development will provide housing for the nearby job center employees as well as helping to support the local retail economy," wrote the developer. "The residential portion of the development is an ideal transition between the commercial, industrial and nearby detached residential areas."

The developer has requested of the city approval for its planned development concept review. The Spring Hill Planning Commission is set to vote on the project Monday evening at 5:30 p.m.

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