If you are thinking about buying a new home, spring is a great time to do it.

School will be letting out soon and you want to get settled before the next school year starts again in the fall. When selling, you want to make sure you make an excellent first impression as potential buyers begin their quest for the perfect home.

There are many factors in the selling process that you can’t control, but there is a lot that you can control so let’s focus on them.

I’ve shown a lot of houses in my 20 years as a Realtor and I’ve seen a lot, but I have also observed  my clients reactions as they have encountered common turnoffs. Every client is a little different, but most share the same dislikes that have ultimately led to them passing over some of the homes on their list.

1. Odors. This might surprise some of you, but strong odors are probably the #1 turnoff that buyers complain of when they visit a home. Try and neutralize the air as much as possible. If you go for deodorizer sprays, plug-ins, or diffusers, choose soft scents and not overpowering ones. Trying too hard to create a clean smell can backfire. One way to freshen up your home is to paint your entry way inside and out.

2. Clutter. I cannot say this enough: Clutter is distracting. It keeps people from seeing the true value of your home. Start packing before you list your home. Back up all the knickknacks, books, some of pictures … anything that takes away from the Buyer’s ability to see themselves in the house.

3. Crammed Closets. Speaking of clutter, cramming it in closets is a bad idea. It’s much better to box up and store the clutter than it is to shove it in a closet. Make sure people are able to see the full potential of your closet space.

4. Overgrown Yard. If buyers pull into the driveway for the first time and see an overgrown or completely bare yard, they sometimes have the urge to keep driving. Keep the yard mowed and trimmed at all times. Don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune on flowers and plants. Simply adding a splash of color to the front walkway and porch goes a long way.

5. Neutralize You might also be surprised how many times clients want to walk away from a home simply because of non-neutral paint colors or other cosmetic reasons, but it’s really difficult for some people to get past those things. Unfortunately,  HGTV is not real, but it has spoiled a lot of people, do what you can to create more of a blank slate for buyers and your home will sell much more quickly …

I would be happy to step in and help you see the things that might be needed to be addressed in your home before you list it, I will help you get it ready so we can get it sold quickly! Call me today and let’s get started …

….”You’ve Got a Friend in Real Estate”


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