Hear me out… I like watching HGTV in my down time just like the next guy and sometimes we have it on in the office, but I’ve had some people come to me with some pretty unrealistic expectations about the home-buying process that can usually be attributed to one or both of the homebuyer’s penchants for watching lots of HGTV.

Here are some things to consider about the actual home-buying process in relation to some of the scenarios on a few of their popular shows:

1. If you’re determined to buy a fixer-upper, the Property Brothers will not show up with their state-of-the-art Computer Generated Imagery and conduct all of the work for you. The final shots look great at the reveal, but in real life, that kind of renovation work takes weeks (months) and lots and lots of dollars. If you have a background in construction and a lot of time and money, then I say go for it; otherwise, let’s keep looking.

2. You’re starting to fall out of love with your home and you can’t decide whether to spend some money making it lovable or to sell it and move on. On Love It or List It, Hilary and David swoop in and do a LOT of work to sway the couple in both directions. Keep in mind, though, that Hilary almost always has to come back to the owners with dreadful news about some problem they found during the renovation that will cost thousands of extra dollars and David usually finds the homeowners a dream home … that’s $100,000 out of their price range. You have to know exactly what you can afford to spend before you start either of these processes, so do your homework, and make sure you’re on the same page financially with everyone who’s a part of the process.

3. And speaking of being on the same page — I sometimes wonder if the couples on House Hunters have even had one conversation about what they want in a home before they go on this show. (I know, TV drama) Buying a home is an emotional process, and it’s probably not wise to duke out the details in front of your Realtor, lender, or anyone else for that matter. If you are buying a home with someone, you need to present a united front throughout the process. What are each person’s non-negotiables? What is your max budget? Decide these things BEFORE you start looking.

4. Equally as frustrating are the episodes where a homebuyer will dismiss a home simply because they don’t like the paint color, carpet, or tile. These are called cosmetic issues and they can be fixed relatively easily over time. Make your decision based on the location or the layout, or the great yard — not on paint color.

And as a final note …, It’s NOT a good idea to purchase a house without doing a home inspection … no matter what they say on TV.  It’s television … like everything on TV there is an agenda behind everything. I would be more than happy to help you find a new home or that second dream home in Fiji if that’s what you’re looking for, but no, it’s not normal for people to live like all the people you see on House Hunters International. Please reach out to me if I can help with anything – JAROD

…. “You’ve Got a Friend in Real Estate”

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