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October is drawing to a close and as we prepare to change the clocks, there are a few seasonal tasks could use your attention around the house.

You may have already switched from air conditioning to heat, or you will be doing so soon. Now is a good time to schedule a system check and replace filters if needed. There are many different types of filters available with different replacement cycles. To help you remember when you last changed the filter, simply add the date somewhere on the frame of the filter with a marker as a reminder.

If you use ceiling fans year-round, it is time to reverse the fan’s direction as your heat begins to run on a more regular basis. Fans running in the winter should be turning in the clockwise direction which will draw air up from the floor, pushing the warm air above back down towards the living area. Older fans probably have a slide switch somewhere near the motor or light kit. Be sure the fan is off, and the blades have stopped spinning before changing the direction.

Newer fans may have a reverse button on a remote control which, when pushed, will first stop the fan and then reverse the direction automatically. If you aren’t sure how to reverse the direction of your ceiling fans, check the owner’s manual for details. And, if it has been a while since you’ve cleaned the fan blades, now might be a good time to keep the little dust bunnies from taking flight when the fan starts spinning in the opposite direction!

Energy costs are increasing, and no one wants to pay more than necessary to heat their home. While it is still warm outside, check the weatherstripping around doors and windows and look for gaps around ductwork or plumbing that could be sealed. If you find items that are too large or difficult to DIY, there are companies that will do energy audits and repairs to get your home ready for winter. Spending a bit of time now doing some small repairs could really pay off in the form of improved comfort and energy savings this winter!

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