Summit High's Chloe Salvatore

Summit High's Chloe Salvatore and paintings "Barriers" and "Fragments of Reality” 

A Summit High School student is using her artistic talents to bring home the school’s first American Vision Medal from the 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Chloe Salvatore’s piece, “Barriers,” was awarded the American Vision Medal and a National Gold Medal by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. The American Vision Medal is one of the highest honors a young artist can receive, and only one visual artist from each region receives the award each year. Another one of Chloe’s pieces, “Fragments of Reality,” was also awarded a National Gold Medal.

"I feel incredibly honored to have received these awards," Salvatore said in an InFocus article. "Art has always been a part of me and who I am. I love being able to create, and I love being able to put emotions or ideas onto canvas."

With “Barriers,” Salvatore explored the idea of perfectionism being fueled by insecurity and pride.

"I wanted to convey the idea of pushing people away and only letting them see the parts of us that we want to show," she said. "We often only show the parts of us that are perfect and polished."

Her other work, “Fragments of Reality,” allowed her to work with light, shadows and contrast.

“Sometimes only bits and pieces of the truth can be seen, and that’s what the light represents,” Salvatore said.

Throughout her artistic journey, her family, friends and teachers have been there to encourage her, something Salvatore says she is incredibly grateful for.

“This was a wonderful, self-expressive, deep journey where Chloe learned a lot of things about herself,” said SHS art teacher Beth Affolter. “The best art topics are always the ones where the artist is willing to look at themselves."

While Salvatore would normally be invited to New York for the awards ceremony, this year's ceremony will take place online. Her work will be on display in the national exhibition in New York.

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