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Officials with Williamson County Schools have determined there was nothing inappropriate in students’ behavior during a homecoming parade for Independence High School last month.

Members from the Williamson County chapter of Moms for Liberty made claims that students on an Indy Pride float were French kissing, groping and handing out literature to elementary and middle school students promoting bi-sexuality. Indy Pride is a new club at the high school that focuses on inclusivity and LGBTQ awareness, and was one of several clubs that had floats in the Sept. 17 Independence High homecoming parade.

At the Williamson County Board of Education meeting the following Monday, speakers from both sides of the issue — those in support of Indy Pride and similar clubs throughout WCS and those voicing concern over what was perceived to be inappropriate behavior — addressed board members during public comment.

After an investigation by WCS human resources, the district found no signs of inappropriate behavior from students on the float. The only infraction was a “quick peck” on the cheek from one student to another, which violates the district’s rule on public displays of affection (PDA).

“Our investigation by our human resources staff … in essence showed that there were no inappropriate activities as the float passed through any elementary schools,” WCS Superintendent Jason Golden said at Monday night’s school board meeting, when asked about the status of the investigation by District 10 member Eric Welch. “We do investigate every time there’s a complaint, and ultimately, we found no inappropriate activities by our high school students.”