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Williamson County Sheriff Dusty Rhoades issued a statement on Monday's arrest of five students at Centennial High School defending WCSO's use of force while details of the entire incident remain unclear.

As previously reported, five students were arrested following a fight which also caused the high school to be placed in a lockdown and have additional school resources officers on site for the remainder of the school day.

At that time WCSO Public Information Officer Sharon Puckett would only confirm that five arrests were made, citing that the unidentified individuals are juveniles as to why she would not comment further. 

Both Puckett and Birdsong would not say if anyone was injured or if a weapon was involved in the incident.

The specifics of the alleged threat are unknown, but Birdsong did confirm that additional SROs were not required at the school on Tuesday as students are not present while teachers and staff have a professional development work day.

It is also unknown what if any charges have been filed in the incident and if any of the five students were booked into the juvenile detention facility. 

On Wednesday Sheriff Rhoades issued a statement on WCSO's Facebook page which can be read in full below. 

"We occasionally receive questions about events that have happened in the community or in schools, particularly when portions of events are captured on video by a member of the public and taken out of context.

"Unfortunately, when the events occur in schools, we are not able to share the entirety of the video or the details of the events because of our duty to protect the privacy of information about students and juveniles.

"The actions of individuals occasionally require a deputy to respond by using some level of physical restraint to protect himself or herself or more importantly, other students. Our deputies are trained to limit the use of force or restraint to only those situations where absolutely necessary to protect self or others, or to bring a situation under control.

"In addition, our deputies receive extensive training on how to implement such restraints so that when use of force or restraint is necessary because of the violent actions of an individual, our deputies can implement necessary restraint in a manner that brings the situation under control as safely as possible.

"Our training is designed to protect the safety of the restrained individual as well as all others involved. Our department reviews each and every use of force or restraint pursuant to a detailed policy to confirm that the actions of the deputy were appropriate to the situation that presented itself.

"The use of force or restraint is occasionally an unavoidable part of a deputy’s duty to protect the public from an aggressive or violent individual. However, we are committed to a high level of training and professionalism that is appropriate to the situation. Our legal obligations regarding protection of confidentiality prevent us from commenting further on individual situations," the post reads in full.

Rhoades declined to comment further on the incident and would only confirm that all five unidentified juveniles have been charged, but he would not say what the charges are against the students.

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