k danelz SOW

Katherine Danelz


Katherine Danelz, daughter of Cindy and Christopher Danelz, is a junior at Centennial High School and this week’s Student of the Week. 

Two of her biggest passions in life are reading and fitness. “I like learning about others’ lives as well as experiencing things I won’t be able to experience in my life time, “ she said of reading. When it comes to fitness, she said she appreciates it for being able to maintain good physical and mental health. 

Her top role model in life is her middle school dance coach and English teacher, Ms. Sottek. “She always stays true to who she is and true to her values,” she said. 

When asked to pick a favorite class at CHS, Danelz couldn’t choose just one. She said that Architecture/Engineering class and U.S. History are her top two. 

“Mr. Sawyer’s Architecture/Engineering class… allows me to be creative,” she said. “The assignments are difficult, but I see them as a puzzle to solve.” 

When it comes to U.S. History, she said she loves the class because of the teacher—Mr. Cutsinger’s—ability to bring stories to life. “I love learning about a subject that feels relevant even though it happened years ago,” she said. 

Sawyer said of Danelz, “Katie is an active member of the CHS student body. She is a cheerleader for football and basketball as well as a great student. She always gives her best in class and is willing to help other students with the assigned projects.”

Danelz describes herself as creative and energetic. When she’s not in class, she enjoys reading in her spare time and cheering with the CHS Sideline Cheerleading Team.

After graduating from CHS, she plans to go to college to study architecture and business.