Anika Nentwig


Anika Nentwig, daughter of Margit and Frank Nentwig, is Franklin High School’s student of the week.

Nentwig is described as a loving daughter, devoted friend, and intelligent student. Some of her hobbies include horseback riding, reading, and baking cookies.

Her story is begins very interestingly in that her parents moved from Germany in the ’70s and immediately moved to Tennessee to start a life. Nentwig said, “They immediately made a greenhouse in Nashville and a really big nursery. Also, for home, they made a farm. So we have 16 horses, 23 acres, 30 chickens, 4 cats… So I spend my time horseback riding because I have so many of them in my backyard.”

She is also passionate about reading and learning more about her personal history. She is dedicated to embracing her heritage “even if it is brutal,” she said.

Her role model and the person she looks up to most is her mother.

“She moved from Germany to America when she was a teen,” she said. “Although kids were mean to her, she didn’t change for them.” The biggest lesson she has learned from her mother is “don’t change yourself for others because if they can’t accept you for who you are then they don’t deserve to be a part of your life.”

Nentwig expressed that often she connects better with her teachers than her peers. Ms. Joyce Bonomo is her favorite teacher. Bonomo is an English teacher that tells Nentwig to always believe in herself and take deep breaths.

She is a self-described “old soul” because of several things, including her maturity and a special friendship she has formed. “My best friend… he’s 98 years old… He was my grandpa’s best friend and then my grandpa died and so now he’s like my grandpa.” Nentwig values his friendship greatly and has learned a lot from their special bond.

After graduating from Franklin High School, she plans to move to Germany and become an English teacher.

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