Ashwin Balaje


Ashwin Balaje, son of Balaje Govindan and Vidya Sridharan Balaje, is a junior at Ravenwood High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

He is a member of the Debate Team, Model United Nations and Youth in Government.

Debate is one of Balaje’s biggest passions. “It is something that I enjoy and it helps develop me as a communicator and as a critical thinker,” he said.

His favorite class at RHS is AP Language with Mr. Oswanski. He said of Oswanksi, “[He] is a great teacher who makes an effort to connect with his students and make sure they’re successful both in the classroom and outside of it.”

Balaje said his biggest role model is Indian Cricket Captain, Ms Dhoni. He said he looks up to him for his drive, composure and discipline.

RHS Debate Coach Elise Dirkes-Jacks said of Balaje, “Ashwin is a team player who manages to excel himself while still prioritizing others. He works tirelessly as a member of the debate team, not only on his own work, but also on helping his teammates succeed. He consistently shows a positive attitude, great sense of humor and generous spirit. He has grown so much in maturity and ability over the past three years and we can’t wait to see where his senior year will take him next.”

After graduating from RHS next year, he plans to study something within the realm of Biology and potentially work in neurology in the future.

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