WCS school bus with sun

As it does every November, Williamson County Schools has updated its Five-Year Capital Plan, an outlook that includes changes to school opening dates, new buildings and more. 

The Williamson County Board of Education approved the plan at its November meeting. Some of the most notable changes affect new school opening dates, according to a report in InFocus. The new elementary school on Wilkes Lane in Spring Hill is now scheduled to open August 2023; the new middle school near Split Log Road in Brentwood is scheduled to open August 2024; and the new middle school on Cox Road near Triune is scheduled to open August 2026.

Cost projections for several projects have also changed due to supply chain shortages.

"All of these changes reflect where growth is currently taking place in Williamson County,” WCS Assistant Superintendent for Operations Mark Samuels said through InFocus. "As Superintendent [Jason] Golden mentioned to the school board and County Commission Education Committee this past month, the cost of construction continues to rise, so we've updated the cost projections for all our projects as well."

The Capital Plan also includes a second elementary school to be added in the Nolensville area and a new elementary school in the northern part of Fairview. Renovation projects for Crockett Elementary and Walnut Grove Elementary have also been added.

More information about the district's Strategic Plan, Five-Year Capital Plan and attendance projections is available on the WCS website.