WCS Safety

Visitors at Williamson County School campuses can expect to have their temperatures checked before being allowed onsite.

Just before the Spring Break holiday in mid-March, Williamson County Schools closed its doors due to concerns over coronavirus - which, at the time, had only seen one confirmed case in Tennessee. It wouldn’t be until April 15 that WCS announced it would be closing through the end of the school year.

After two months of being closed to the public, WCS will once again open its doors to the public on June 1 — with considerable changes.

“We have taken the guidance provided by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) as well as guidance by the Governor and developed a procedure that we believe will help to protect our staff, students and visitors when coming onto campus,” said WCS Safety and Security Director Michael Fletcher. “We are in the process of training staff members who will be working with students directly and staff in our front offices who will be screening those who come into our buildings.”

For starters, WCS officials ask anyone who answers yes to the following questions to not come on any WCS campus under any circumstance:

  • Have you been in close contact with a person with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19?

  • Have you had an unusual cough or shortness of breath?

  • Have you had a sore throat or other flu-like symptoms?

  • Have you had a fever of 100.0 degrees or greater in the past 72 hours?

  • Have you had a loss of taste or smell?

  • Have you had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours?

Those wanting to come on campus are asked to wear face masks or face coverings, and can expect to have their temperatures checked using a contactless thermometer. 

Those with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will not be permitted on any WCS campus. Students who fail the temperature check will “be isolated until a parent or guardian is contacted.”

School campuses will have hand-washing and sanitation stations provided for any on-campus activity. Students will be encouraged to bring their own water bottles, as water fountains will only be allowed to be used for bottle refills.

Any student activities will be restricted to 10 students or less, with strict social distancing enforced at all times.

The guidelines extend to summer extracurricular activities, including sports teams that can begin conditioning June 1. 

For a complete list of WCS safety guidelines, click here.

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