Nashville Zoo’s Claws, Paws and Jaws event, to thank generous donors, was held at Karyn Frist’s gracious home.

The weather was beautiful and everyone loved being outside, where they could wander through the stunning gardens and view the interesting animals zoo staff brought to show off.

Sasha, a huge Burmese Python, had a wonderful time lounging on the grass while being admired by those on hand. Several small children attended and they were fascinated by the snake.

Everyone admired Sandra Dee, a little Screaming Hairy Armadillo. It is a burrowing armadillo found in the central and southern parts of South America. The adjective “screaming” derives from its habit of squealing when handled, and Sandra Dee, too, luxuriated on the lush lawn while snacking on her food.

Also on display was Andre, a Tamandua, which is a genus of anteaters from Central and South America. They possess partially prehensile tails and mainly eat ants and termites. They have no teeth, but they certainly have very long tongues for scooping up their food.

While everyone enjoyed the evening, they sipped the specialty cocktail, which was creatively named the Lion’s Tail, mixed with Bourbon, allspice dram, simple syrup, lime juice and bitters.

Kristen Winston Catering served delicious passed hors d’oeuvres, including steak crostini with thyme aioli, poached salmon canapes, mini grilled cheese sandwiches, bacon wrapped dates, and Asian shrimp cakes.

Nashville Zoo’s mission is to inspire a culture of understanding and discovery of the natural world through conservation, innovation and leadership.

Nashville Zoo is located six miles south of downtown Nashville. With just 90 of 188 acres developed, Nashville Zoo is the ninth largest zoo in the country by landmass.

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