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Abby Yorke


Abby Yorke, daughter of Chris and Nicki Yorke, is this week’s Athlete of the Week.

She is a senior at Independence High School and a member of the cheerleading team. She holds the position of side base on the team. Last season, her competition cheer team placed 12th in the country at Nationals. 

She started cheering when she was six years old for her younger brother’s rec football team. Since then, she has continued cheering and said she grew to love it. Her 6th grade year was her last year on the JV team. Since then, she has made varsity.

When asked what inspires her to continue training and competing she said, “I am inspired to train and compete because of all of the younger girls and boys who look up to what my team and I do. It is so inspiring to see all of the little girls who do the cheers with us at football games and mini cheer camps. It feels good to know that I could be helping another girl or boy find the sport that they love.”

Yorke said her biggest role models are her parents, Chris and Nicki. “I am inspired by them because of all that they have done in order for me to do the sport that I love. I also admire the fact that even if things are going bad, or not how you thought that they would, my parents are always able to find the good in the problem and are able to make the bad turn into a good.”

Cheer Coaches Grindstaff and Leonard said of Yorke, “Abby has risen as a leader on our team this year. She leads by example, she is early and stays late, she practices at home, she strives for excellence and achieves greatness. We ae so proud of her positive attitude and how she spreads it to those around her!”

Yorke describes herself as artistic, outgoing and determined. When she’s not cheering, she enjoys doing photography and creating art.

After graduating from IHS, she plans to attend The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to study photography.

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