Derrick Henry vs Colts 2022

The Tennessee Titans came away with a not-always-pretty 19-10 win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. It was the franchise's second straight season sweep and fifth consecutive win overall against the AFC South rivals. 

Below is a roundup of some of the top quotes from Colts coaches and players following the game:

Head coach Frank Reich on the Titans:

"Good football team. They're good up front, on both sides of the ball. They run the ball. They don't turn it over. They're good situationally. Our defense did a good job today in the red zone. This is the number one red zone team on offense. We stopped them twice down there. The defense did a good job down. (Mike) Vrabel is a great coach. He was coach of the year. He was coach of the year last year, so he's a good coach. He did a good job getting his team ready. They play good football. They don't beat themselves. That's been their whole M.O. They don't beat themselves."

Reich on the Titans coverage down the field:

"A lot of the coverage they were playing. They were playing just to keep everything underneath. We had some stuff called to try to get it downfield. I’ll have to look at the tape to be sure. We called some shots. We called, I don't know, four or five plays or more that might have had potential to go down the field. But I’ll have to go back and evaluate those one by one. I honestly don't know off the top of my head." 

QB Matt Ryan the Titans secondary:

“I think they did a nice job today. I'll give them credit - coming off a Bye and kind of self-evaluating and taking a look at what they had done through their first five games of the season, I thought they did a nice job kind of trying to keep things umbrellaed and in front. I give them credit. Mike Vrabel is a great coach. Their staff is very good. And I thought they played well." 

LB Bobby Okereke on stopping the Titans in the red zone:

“Yeah, we knew that they were 12-for-13, whatever in the red zone. They're a good team. So yeah, that was a prideful moment for us, but obviously didn't get the win and that’s what we wanted."

DT DeForest Buckner on the Titans win streak over the Colts:

"Five straight? I don't know. You could say the same thing about Jacksonville in Jacksonville. I'd say we just need to do better and stop hurting ourselves. And on both sides, all this is fixable. You’ve got to lock in and play better, each and every single one of us."