p davis AOW

Piper Davis


Piper Davis, daughter of Chan and Kim Davis, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. She is a senior at Independence High School and a member of the Golf Team. 

This season, she was named Player of the Year 2021, is in the top 8 of 60 girls, won and qualified for multiple tournaments and was nominated for TN Athlete of the Week. 

Davis credits her father for her start in the sport. “My dad used to put my car seat on the golf cart while he played,” she said. “I asked my parents for golf clubs at age 3. I have played ever since.”

She said that to stay motivated, she works to always understand why she did something wrong and how to fix it.

When asked to name her top role model, she chose herself. “I tell myself every day, ‘Do something your future self will thank you for’ and that is motivation to work and see myself winning big tournaments and signing autographs.” 

Davis describes herself as humble and determined. When she’s not competing on the golf course, she enjoys going to the gym and playing guitar.

After graduating from IHS, she plans to continue her golf career in college and then tour professionally.