Spring Hill Water Treatment Plant

Spring Hill's water treatment plant on Kedron Road.

The city of Spring Hill is now set to double its water capacity - and with it, the amount of water it can provide to its citizens - after the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BOMA) voted Monday night to approve two contracts.

At a total cost to the city of $615,000, the first contract BOMA voted to approve was with the engineering firm Thomas and Hutton, and would expand the capacity of the city's water treatment plant from 4 million gallons a day to 6 million gallons.

At a total cost to the city of just nearly $1.3 million, the second contract approved Monday was with BH Craig Construction Company for the construction of a water booster station and master meter off of U.S. 31.

A collection of pumps that controls water pressure in a particular area, a water booster station already exists off of U.S. 31, is only able to provide the surrounding area with one million gallons of water per day. Per this new contract, the newly constructed water booster station would be able to provide the surrounding area with up to 4 million gallons per day.

Jerome Dempsey with Thomas and Hutton said that the construction on the water booster station project would take an estimated six months to complete.

The votes to approve the city's water capacity come after months' worth of struggles on the part of city officials to curb water usage by Spring Hill residents, with discussions being floated back in August about fining citizens that don't comply with the city's water conservation policy.

"Between [these two resolutions], we're more than doubling the water capacity that we currently have in Spring Hill," noted Alderman Trent Linville. "So lots of improvements coming in short order."