Home Construction

In August, a total of 103 single-family home, town home and condo permits were issued in Spring Hill, with 92 issued on the Maury County side of the city.

With Spring Hill being found to have been the single-fastest growing city during the past decade, growing from a population of 29,036 in 2010 to just over 50,000 in 2020, home developers are racing to get a foothold in bedroom community, but are doing so on the city's southern side at a far greater pace.

The latest housing permit data comes from Monday night's meeting of the Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Aldermen, in which it reveals the city had collected almost $1.3 million in development fees in August, $1.1 million of which came from residential development alone.

The majority of housing permits issued in August were for town homes, with the city issuing 57 town home permits, followed by single-family home permits at 43.

The number of permits issued in August was 56 percent higher than in July, where Spring Hill leaders approved permits for 66 residential developments. The ratio of development permits issued in Maury County compared to Williamson in August also far outpaced July's numbers, with July seeing just over 80 percent of permits being issued in Maury County.

This year to date, Spring Hill has approved 453 single-family home permits, 211 town home permits, and 10 condo unit permits, with one condo permit equaling 12 individual condo units.

Just last week on Sept. 13, the Spring Hill Planning Commission reviewed development requests for a total of 169 single-family homes and 52 town homes, suggesting the high number of housing permits being issued will likely continue throughout the duration of the year.