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The Spring Hill Police Department released its annual report on Thursday, in which it details statistics on it’s almost 40,000 calls for service during the 2017-18 fiscal year.

“All sworn officers and civilian employees of the department are committed to providing professional services to the citizens of Spring Hill and its visitors,” wrote Chief of Police Don Brite in the report. “We will continue to strive with this commitment in an effort to provide a safe community to reside.”

As Spring Hill’s population continues to grow, with some estimates saying its population may soon surpass Brentwood’s soon, and other estimates naming Spring Hill as the single fastest growing area in the state, police are continuing to adjust and improve their efficiency to keep up with the city’s growing needs.

“Spring Hill has experienced significant growth both in business and residential in recent years,” Brite wrote. “All indicators suggest this growth will continue in the future. With that, the challenge is for the police department to continue to look for ways to provide services by utilizing technology, training, crime prevention methods, and taking a proactive approach that will continue to keep our crime rate at low levels. By working with other agencies and having an open communication with the citizens of Spring Hill, together we can achieve this challenge.”

Below is a breakdown of the data revealed in the report.

2017-18 Police Department Budget Appropriations

Salaries / benefits: $4,164,849

Services: $270,418

Supplies: $327,574

Other charges: $241,387

Lease payments: $4,072

Capacity outlay: $583,257

Total appropriations: $5,591,827

Field Operations Bureau


Calls for service: 39,210

Incident reports: 3,454

Traffic stops: 9,455

Citations: 2,637

Arrests: 1,280

Narcotic violations: 488

Property checks: 12,041

Traffic accidents: 993

Special traffic details: 1,864

Traffic Unit

Traffic accidents: 559

Hit and run investigations: 63

Traffic stops: 2,575

Citations: 1,055

Narcotics arrests: 159

Revoked arrests: 103

Special traffic details: 1,247

Drug seizures: $35,775 and three vehicles


Deployments: 102

Narcotic finds: 86

Events: 12

Special Response Team

High risk warrants: 3

Barricaded persons: 1

Demonstrations: 2

Activations: 3

Training hours: 1,056

Investigations Bureau

Criminal Division

Cases assigned: 804

Closed cases: 292

Suspended cases: 348

Open cases: 161

Administrative investigations: 89

Crimes Against Property

Aggravated burglary: 13

Aggravated robbery: 1

Burglary: 9

Vehicle burglaries: 151

Criminal simulation: 11

Filing false report: 2

Fraud Offenses

Forgery: 2

Fraudulent use of a credit card: 43

Wire fraud: 20

Extortion: 2

Theft Related Offenses

Identity theft: 27

Theft under $1,000: 125

Theft over $1,000: 66

Theft over $10,000: 4

Vandalism: 42

Crimes Against Persons

Aggravated Domestic Assault: 5

Assaults/Verbal Altercations: 73

Violation of Orders of Protections: 2

Aggravated Sexual Assault: 2

Aggravated Rape: 1

Aggravated Child Abuse: 2

Aggravated Rape: 1

Aggravated Sexual Assault: 2

Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of a Minor: 2

Aggravated Stalking: 1

Assault: 6

Child Abuse/Neglect: 8

Child Pornography: 2

Death Investigations: 14

ICAC Investigations: 31

Harassment: 11

Homicides: 2

Rape: 8

Rape of a Child: 4

Reckless Endangerment: 5

Runaway: 6

Solicitation of a Minor: 5

Sexual Battery: 12

Sexual Offender Violation: 1

Stalking: 2

Statutory Rape: 6

Narcotics and Vice Division

Total Cases Assigned: 155

Schedule I

  • Heroin: 18

Schedule II

  • Cocaine: 7
  • Methamphetamine: 47
  • Other: 7

Schedule IV

  • Marijuana: 9

Felon in possession Firearm: 4

Overdoses Investigations: 5

Federal Investigation: 4

Training Division

Total Persons Trained: 694

Total Instructor Hours: 1679

Training Hours: 3591

Total Agencies Trained: 13

Total FTO Hours: 2992

Total CPA Hours: 544

Specialized Train Hours: 2219

Applications: 70

New Hires: 4

Backgrounds: 26

Disqualified: 1

Promotions: 3

Special Assignments: 4

Demotions: 1

Resigned: 4

Terminations: 0

Fleet Maintenance

Oil changes: 139

Brake Jobs: 28

Flat repairs: 21

Tires replaced: 124

Tire rotations: 96

Wiper blades: 12

AC/ventilation repairs: 29

Coolant system repairs: 18

Electrical system repairs: 78

Suspension system repairs: 18

Drive train repairs: 6

Engine repairs: 17

Fuel system repairs: 9

Glass repairs: 2

Total repairs: 597


Motorcycle Ride to benefit Shop with a Cop

Spring Hill Hot Air Balloon Spooktacular

Christmas Parade

Turkey Burn

K-9 Meet & Greets

Mule Day

Grey Ghost

Mustang Glow Run

Camp Hope

Peace, Love and Happiness Charity Ride

First Responders Day Columbia Day Care

Total Events – 23

National Night Out

Giving Tree

Car seat checks

Funeral Escorts for Fallen Officers

Car Fit

Hands Across the Border

Family First

Williamson Co. Community Day

Touch a Truck

Cheetah Fest

Pay It Forward Festival

Battle of the Badges Softball

Total Events: 23

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