Herron / Youngs

United Auto Workers Chairman Mike Herron (left) walks alongside the Spring Hill General Motors plant director Michael Youngs (right) at the Spring Hill General Motors Plant.

On Wednesday, General Motors announced plans to eliminate the third shift at the Spring Hill GM Plant and lay off 525 workers.

Local United Auto Workers Chairman Mike Herron, however, wrote on Monday that approximately 300 of those workers would be “brought back to work” and reassigned to either the plant’s first or second shifts.

Herron shared the news Monday morning over social media, in which he shared that approximately 200 workers would be coming back on July 6, with another 100 coming back on July 13. Workers selected to return will be based on seniority, according to Herron.

“General Motors will be sending out letters this morning to all of our team members on third shift that can hold the plant from a seniority perspective,” Herron wrote. “These letters will inform you of what date you’ll be returning to work and where to report.”

The letters, which Herron wrote workers should receive this week, mark the cutoff point for being eligible to be brought back at July 15, 2016, though Herron speculated that the cutoff point could be extended to July 25, 2016.

Located off of U.S. 31 in southern Spring Hill, the Spring Hill GM Plant makes the Cadillac XT5, XT6 and GMC Acadia SUVs.

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