Bella Roots

Nicole Rutherford (center) stands with her mother Bella (second from right) and Bella Roots stylists Monday.

Situated just off of Main Street behind the Culver's, Bella Roots Salon & Boutique celebrated its grand opening on Monday with complimentary brow waxes, pizza and refreshments, and plenty of bags filled with beauty products.

Nicole Rutherford, the salon's owner, said the name Bella Roots came from combining the name of her mother - Bella - and the word 'roots,' as a way of celebrating her newfound roots being planted in the city of Spring Hill after moving to the city last November from Ohio.

"I've always been interested in the salon industry since I was a kid," Rutherford said. "I went to college for marketing, and that just wasn't my passion so I [went] to hair school. I've been doing hair ever since."

Rutherford moved to Spring Hill after her husband - a General Motors employee - was transferred from the plant in Lordstown to Spring Hill.

"It's growing, but it still has such a small town feel, and I feel like the people really support local businesses," Rutherford said of the city.

"I love when I do someone's hair and they look in the mirror and you can tell they just feel so good about themselves That is why I do this," Rutherford said. "When they leave here, I want them to feel like they look good, but I want them to feel good."

When asked what may separate Bella Roots from other salons, Rutherford was quick to single out the connection her stylists make with clients.

"All the girls that work here are very compassionate - yes, we do their hair, but we also really connect with people," Rutherford said. "I think that is extremely important - as well as being talented and doing great work. I just think it's really important for the stylist and client to really connect for it to be a good fit."

Bella Roots provides hair cutting, coloring and styling, as well as shampoos and brow styling. The salon also acts as a boutique, selling jewelry and beauty products. For further details on products and services, visit the salon's website by clicking here.

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