SHBLM rally

Demonstrators cheer as passing motorists honk in support during the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Spring Hill.

A video posted on Facebook Tuesday appears to show a motorist spew black smoke — also known as 'coal rolling' — while driving past the peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration in Spring Hill on Main Street.

The social media post appears to have been made by the driver in the viral video, Dakota Cunningham of Franklin. The video was posted with the following caption:

"Decided to pull up to the Spring Hill Protest and voice my opinion! BLACK SMOKE MATTERS!"

In the video, the camera appears to be held by someone sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle, a white truck. Initially stopped, the truck can be heard honking, with demonstrators cheering in response.

After a few seconds, the truck speeds off, spewing a large plume of black smoke around the hundreds of demonstrators. People in the truck can then be heard laughing as the camera pans to the driver.

As of 8 a.m. on Wednesday, the video had amassed over 21,500 views and has been shared more than 220 times.

Cunningham said that the video had been "taken out of context" due to the video's caption.

"The entire aspect is being taken out of context due to the description I created," Cunningham wrote to the Home Page. "I was talking to friends in the group of [protesters] at the red light and you can clearly see in the video them cheering me on and clapping."

When asked why it appeared as though the spewing of black smoke on demonstrators was intentional, Cunningham wrote that it was not a statement against Black Lives Matter.

"The original video was longer," reads their response. "I trimmed it to spark conversation. With cops standing at every corner it was leaning towards a 'f*** the police' stand point. Good cops, bad cops...  we need a CHANGE."

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