Brent Murray appointed alderman

Brent Murray (left) shakes Mayor Jim Hagaman's (right) hand after having been appointed to alderman representing Spring Hill Ward 3.

Spring Hill resident Brent Murray was appointed Monday to the Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BOMA), filling the Ward 3 seat left vacant after former Alderman Dan Allen's resignation. Given that Allen was elected in 2019, and that BOMA members serve four-year terms, Murray will retain his seat until at least 2023.

A total of six residents were considered for the appointment; Brent Murray, Susan Zemek, Preston Angle, Paul Downing, Justin York and Larry Larson. At the beginning of Monday night's city meeting at City Hall, BOMA members named their pick for alderman one by one.

Murray ultimately received the vote of every alderman except Alderman Matt Fitterer, who voted instead for Angle.

A native of Detroit, Mich., Murray ran unsuccessfully for alderman earlier this year, losing to Ward 3 candidate and now vice mayor Kevin Gavigan. Murray moved to Spring Hill in the early 2000s, and operates a CarMax in Murfreesboro.

Murray previously ran on improving the city's infrastructure, something that has become a sore spot for residents growing increasingly frustrated with heavy traffic congestion.