A Brentwood resident who is CEO of Franklin-based Acadia Healthcare is one of Tennessee’s 2016 presidential electors who will meet Monday morning to cast their ballots.

Joey Jacobs, CEO since 2011 of the company that offers behavioral health services and addiction services in hundreds of facilities across the United States and in the United Kingdom, is among the 11 Tennesseans who will cast binding votes in the presidential race.

Tennessee’s 11 are among the total 538 electoral votes that make up the U.S. Electoral College. One elector represents each of the Volunteer State’s nine congressional districts, with the remaining two at large.

Electors are chosen in a winner-take-all system by state, hence the focus on so-called “battleground states” such as Florida and Texas with large numbers of electoral votes based on the population-based number of Congressional districts.

Donald Trump ended up with 306 electoral votes, versus 232 for Hillary Clinton. Twenty-one states do not have laws compelling their electors to vote for a pledged candidate. Twenty-nine, including Tennessee, have laws to “bind” their electors.

The voting will take place at 9 a.m. on Monday in the House Chamber of the Tennessee State Capitol.

In addition to Jacobs, Tennessee’s electors are:

  • Beth Scott Clayton Amos, Nashville (State executive committee member for the Republican party)
  • Pat Allen, Clarksville
  • Mike Callahan, Monterey
  • Drew Daniel, Memphis
  • Lynne Davis, Lascassas
  • Shannon Haynes, Alamo
  • Liz Holiway, Harriman
  • Tom Lawless, Nashville
  • Susan Mills, Maryville
  • Jason Mumpower, Bristol