The Rabbit Hole VR, Tennessee’s premier virtual reality provider, will open the doors to its second location inside the TOA Sports Performance Center – the facility long known as A-Game Sportsplex – in Franklin this fall.

The new location will be comprised of 18 high-end virtual reality stations spanning more than 6,000-square-feet, making it the largest VR arcade in the Southeast.

The Rabbit Hole VR uses headsets to immerse players in virtual worlds where they experience larger-than-life scenarios that would be impossible or dangerous in real life such as fighting off zombies, dodging orc attacks or shooting intergalactic robots. Players can choose a solo adventure or connect with friends in multiplayer games.

Similar to the first location in Nashville, the Franklin arcade will feature spacious play areas and projector displays of gameplay to allow spectators to participate in the fun. New offerings in Franklin will include more exclusive content available only at The Rabbit Hole VR and rentable space for in-store parties and events.

“Our goal has always been to make VR accessible and social. Gaming is best when you can play with friends so we’re excited to open a larger location that will allow even bigger groups and teams to experience VR together,” said Mitchell Poythress, owner of The Rabbit Hole VR. “Just don’t expect to be lounging on a couch while playing. Unlike traditional games, VR gets players up and moving.”

The TOA Sports Performance Center is a 174,000-square-foot facility owned by Tennessee Youth Sports. It currently features 12 volleyball courts, six basketball courts, a cheerleading and tumbling arena and five dance recital rooms.

“Our facility is a hub for all things sports for young athletes and their families. It makes sense that even our entertainment is an active, team-based experience,” said Roy Dano, managing partner for Tennessee Youth Sports.

The arcade’s original location at 1807B Church Street in Nashville will continue business as usual with six VR stations. To learn more, visit

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