Plans approved by Brentwood’s Planning Commission last week would allow Brentwood’s Costco to become one of the only locations in the country, and the first location in the eastern U.S., to have its own car wash.

The car wash would be located on the northwest part of the Costco property, allowing customers who used the gas pumps to move directly over to get their cars washed.

“This is the first of its kind in this part of the country,” Chris Ferko, a consultant for Costco and engineer at Barghausen Consulting Engineers, said. “Costco is real excited to be able to bring this service to its members out here. It’s something they have found has been very much appreciated and well-liked by its members that use the car washes at those other locations.”

Currently Costco has a total of 10 car washes at stores in California, Arizona, Washington and Idaho, Ferko said.

The car wash is planned to be 3,200 square feet. Its hours will be consistent with those at the gas station. As a result of its construction, 18 parking spaces will be eliminated from the Costco parking lot.

Planning Commissioner John Church asked how much water the new car wash would use.

It was explained that the car washes use about 60 gallons of water per car, amounting to an average of 30,000 gallons per day at other locations. Costco, however, has a water reclamation system that is able to recycle nearly 65 percent of that water. Therefore, about 19,000 gallons are discharged to the sewer system at its car washes.

The car wash will be fully mechanical, with no workers there to operate it. It will clean as well as dry cars for a cost of $7.99.

“Oh, there’s going to be a long line,” Planning Commissioner Sandi Wells said.


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