You might be able to Eat Mor Chikin closer to home soon, Spring Hill.

According to Mayor Rick Graham, a previously announced project on what is known as the Old Silo property was going back to the drawing board.

Instead, a letter of intent has been drafted between the developer and none other than Chick-fil-A, Graham said, to develop a location on the property, near the intersection of Main Street and Wilkes Lane.

“Yesterday they shared with me a letter of intent between Chick-fil-A and the property owner,” Graham said. “It is yet to be signed, and should be signed soon. I have dealt with a lot of these in my time, and it is the real deal.”

The city has been lobbying for a Spring Hill location for some time. They even made a video to prod the Georgia-based company to locate a restaurant here.

The developer of the property, Realty Link, had began working on plans in the fall for a 20,400-square foot space with retail and three drive-thru type-restaurants.

“That project had been in the works for a while, and it was just much too many drive thrus, too much traffic, it was just way too much for that property,” Graham said. “So Kayce Williams had them re-draw and re-look at it and got them to entertain the possibility of Chick-fil-A. They were pretty insistent about coming to north Spring Hill. Outside of traffic, the thing I hear the most about from citizens was about getting a Chick-Fil-A.”

The project that will ultimately develop is more likely to have two drive-thrus.

There, however, is always a price to pay for what you want.

Hank Cannon, speaking for developer in the fall, said the silo would remain intact. That may not be a practical possibility with the new development. It’s future remains to be seen.

“The drawing I looked at yesterday still has the silo on it,” Graham said. “But I want people to understand this: the silo has been there a long, long time and it is something that is respected by all of us, but — but — safety has to come first.”

Chick-fil-A has a location in Columbia, three in Franklin, one in Brentwood and six in Metro Nashville.

Neither the restaurant chain nor Realty Link had yet returned calls for comment.

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