Even though they can’t vote in Nashville’s upcoming election, Williamson County residents accounted for almost a tenth of all political contributions to the two remaining candidates.

On Sept. 12, Davidson County residents will elect a mayor, as well as several Metro Council members.

No mayoral candidate was able to get a majority of votes in the general election in August, so now the top two candidates — incumbent Mayor David Briley and Metro Council member John Cooper — are in the runoff election.

Collectively, those two candidates raised almost $1 million in the four months leading up to the general election. About $86,000 of that money came from donors in Williamson County.

Briley raised more than twice as much as Cooper in that period, and about 10 percent of his contributions came from Williamson County addresses. About 8 percent of Cooper’s itemized contributions came from Williamson County, according to campaign finance documents.

In the three weeks leading up to the general election, more than 13 percent of Briley’s contributions came from Williamson County.

Many of the donations were connected to Williamson County businesses. A group of 10 employees from the Brentwood staffing firm Vaco contributed more than $5,000 to Briley’s campaign in July. Executives at Haury & Smith Contractors, based in Brentwood, gave to both candidates.

Though she didn’t earn enough votes to make it to the runoff, former mayoral candidate Carol Swain raised about $9,000 from Williamson County residents, representing about 10 percent of her contributions.

State Rep. John Ray Clemmons, who came in fourth place in the general election, only raised $700 from Williamson County residents, about 2 percent of his total.

In total contributions from Williamson County residents accounted for almost 9 percent of the money raised by the top four candidates. Those top four candidates earned more than 97 percent of all votes.

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