PHOTO: The Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce celebrates the grand opening of Aspen Dental in Spring Hill with a ceremonial ribbon cutting Wednesday morning. / Courtesy photo


Located on Main Street next to the Arby’s, Aspen Dental finally saw its grand opening celebrated Wednesday with a ceremonial ribbon cutting organized by the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce. Among those present at the ceremony was Regional Manager Tom Guererri, who announced that Aspen Dental would be holding a “day of service” on Sept. 7.

“We are doing a day of service — free care for veterans on [Sept. 7],” Guererri said. “So if you are a veteran [or] know folks who have served, please encourage them to come in, free of sale. Anything that we can do that day for free, we will do for free.”

Attached to the soon-to-open Starbucks on Main Street, the Aspen Dental first saw its plans submitted to the city late last year, and is now the first Aspen Dental within the city, with the next closest Aspen Dental being in Columbia.

Office Manager Jayce Blocker said she was excited to finally be open for business, and that the community of Spring Hill was an ideal location for an Aspen Dental given its general proximity to Nashville, as well as its proximity to more rural parts of the state.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for Spring Hill to have a dentist’s office that is able to accommodate [people] and [is] not already booked up,” Blocker said. “I’ve been in the area for quite some time, and it’s such a close-knit community; everybody knows everybody, word of mouth is great. So I think for us coming into the community, as long as we’re doing a great job, I think that we’re going to do great.”

Those interested in the day of service for veterans may call Aspen Dental at (931)499-3148 for further information. Aspen Dental is located at 1060 Crossings Boulevard in Spring Hill, in between the Arby’s restaurant and the Shell gas station on Main Street.

Founded in New York in 1998, Aspen Dental has more than 660 offices across the United States, and is considered, categorically, a form of ‘corporate dentistry;’ a relatively new term that refers to dental care franchises, as opposed to individual or small group practices. It’s founder and current CEO, Bob Fontana, argues corporate dentistry has expanded access for people, particularly for older individuals who may be struggling financially. 

Critics have argued against some of Aspen Dental’s practices, with roughly 30 percent of their revenue linked to third-party financing, according to Fontana. Nevertheless, Fontana stood by the company’s use of third-party financing, saying that his company ensures patients are well-educated on all terms and conditions, and that ultimately, the goal is to get patients the care they need.

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