The Thompson’s Station Design Review Committee granted the developer of the Tollgate subdivision approval for a plan to build three buildings for shops, restaurants and new homes.

Last month, the town’s planning commission approved an initial plan. It included several conditions for the neighborhood plan such as making sure it had enough sewer connections and appropriate landscaping.

Regent Homes, the developer that built Tollgate, also needed to submit its designs to the Design Review Commission before the town would issue any building permits. That commission reviews proposals for buildings in town to ensure they will preserve the character and appeal of Thompson’s Station.

The president of Regent Homes, David McGowan, gave a presentation with several brick samples and drawings to show what the buildings would look like.

The proposal includes three buildings, two for shops and restaurants and one with housing above and a commercial area below. The buildings have brick facades and awnings that cover some of the doorways.

Town Planner Wendy Deats said the buildings would fit in well in Thompson’s Station, and city staff had recommended approving the designs.

“The way they have designed these buildings with the roof line varying you have distinct business sections,” she said.

The uneven roofs make the building look like it was plucked from the main street of some small town. The plans call for different colors of bricks to break up the appearance of the buildings further.

Kim Peterson, a member of the design commission, asked if the developer could paint some of the bricks to break up the appearance of the building even more. McGowan said his company could easily make that change. The commission approved the designs, and asked Regent Homes to paint some of the bricks white.

Now that the the town has approved the designs, McGowan said his company will start trying to lease the space to business owners. He said there were already several restaurants and one coffee shop that had expressed interest.