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Brian Myers points to the company's first logo created back in 1994 during Thursday's ceremonial ribbon cutting organized by the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce.

From its first three months of business netting around $60 in revenue, to now serving large clients such as Tractor Supply, Franklin Synergy Bank and Broadcast Music, ABS Custom Business Products has grown a lot since its inception 25 years ago. It was only in 2019, however, that the business expanded from its owner's home in Franklin to its own shop in Spring Hill, a move that was celebrated Thursday with a ceremonial ribbon cutting.

Run by father and son team Scott and Brian Myers, ABS Custom Business Products produces a bevy of custom products for businesses such as banners, signs, business cards and storage shelves. Scott would go on to say that it was his time working for the multi-level marketing company Amway that would eventually lead to him starting his own business.

"I was at Amway, and so I worked really hard at that for a year and didn't have any success whatsoever," Scott said. "During the whole year with the weekly sales meetings, it planted the seeds of discontent in me working for somebody else for the rest of my life, and I thought, 'I'm not any good at doing Amway - obviously - but I'm really good at selling business products, custom-printed products [and] shelving."

"At the time, I was traveling about three weeks out of the month, and so one day after talking with Amway I decided to start my business and turned in my resignation."

ABC Ribbon

Brian Myers prepares to cut the ribbon during the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce event Thursday.

Scott explained how difficult the first three months of business were, having only generated a net revenue of $60, and a gross revenue of around $10 or $20. Brian, around 15 years old at the time, recalled this period as one that saw a lot more grilled cheese sandwiches than usual, as his parents did what they could to be frugal. Fortunately for Scott, however, it wouldn't take long for his new venture to turn a profit, a trend that continued for 25 years - and counting.

Scott and Brian noted that in working with family, there's an inherent level of dependability and trust that helped them achieve success in the printing industry. The family component of the business is so integral, Scott explained, that the business' name - ABS Custom Business Products - is an acronym for Amy, Brian and Scott, with 'Custom' coming from the name Christy - Amy and Christy being Scott and Brian's wives, respectively.

With 25 years under his belt, Scott said that he hopes Brian will continue the business well into the future, and from the company's success so far, another 25 years of business doesn't sound so far-fetched.

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