On the first day of Nashville’s “Commuter Challenge” week, Hytch Rewards and the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce have announced a collaborative effort aimed at expanding mobility and reducing traffic and carbon output in the Nashville region by incentivizing Nashvillians to share rides.

Hytch Rewards is a local company with a homegrown solution that incentivizes fewer single occupancy vehicles on the roads. It was co-founded by CEO Mark A. Cleveland of Brentwood. It offers cash rewards through its partner businesses and municipal governments that realize their own benefits through reduced demand for parking and less traffic congestion.

The Nashville Area Chamber will connect top employers in the downtown area, state and local government and nonprofit leaders with Hytch.

“Hytch’s efforts to deploy emerging and innovative technologies to reduce congestion and increase options for commuters aligns closely with the Chamber’s work on transportation, mobility and sustainability. We’re committed to regional mobility for workers and believe Hytch offers a unique way to engage employers as part of the solution. We support this platform as a solution that fits into the larger mobility strategy for the region,” said Ralph Schulz, President and CEO, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Hytch is a Nashville-based technology company focused on accelerating the use of shared mobility solutions in urban and surrounding areas. Using the free Hytch Rewards app available for Android and iOS smartphones, Hytch uses gamification, interactive education and incentives to promote the social, economic, and environmental benefits of shared mobility.

Hytch and the Chamber are kicking off their collaboration in conjunction with Nashville Connector’s “Commuter Challenge” week, which encourages Nashville commuters to make at least one trip to work not driving alone during the week of April 27 to May 3. Hytch currently has over 11,000 users in its community that look forward to participating in the “Commuter Challenge” along with newcomers to the Hytch community. In Hytch’s Nashville rollout, the user community has shared over 9M miles over the nearly 250,000 rides sponsored in the app.

The first to sponsor shared rides and recognize the positive power the Hytch Rewards platform had in changing behavior were Nissan and Sprint. Current partners sponsoring rides include Goodwill Industries of Middle TN, Onin Staffing, Lipscomb University and H.G. Hill. Hytch also has the two metropolitan cities of Brentwood and Franklin participating and providing rewards for their employees that share rides using the Hytch Rewards app.

“Nashville’s growth comes with the painful side effects of increased congestion. Hytch offers an innovative solution that allows Nashville to grow without the pain. Our collaboration with the Nashville Area Chamber reflects the determination of business and civic leaders to address the growing congestion and costly parking problem in the Nashville area,” Cleveland said.  “Hytch provides a common sense and cost-effective solution that rewards people for making better mobility choices.  Each and every decision to share a ride to work positively impacts the entire community, and we look forward to working with major employers and every city in the region to defeat traffic and defend clean air with incentives that work for everyone.”

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