Question: There’s a Mapco Express gas station just west of the Goose Creek Bypass that has been shuttered. It looks new, what is going on?

In 2005, the Tennessee Department of Transportation reviewed a study of traffic rates from 1999-2001 on the Goose Creek Bypass, or State Route 248, off of I-65. They determined that widening the road, a major arterial vein, would improve traffic rates and reduce accidents.

Alderman Mike Skinner said engineers from TDOT designed the road around the entrance to the Mapco Express gas station, located at 2408 Goose Creek Bypass, which used to have a light. “They noticed that that access would interfere with southbound traffic coming off of I-65. So they didn’t want traffic to stack up if you’re coming southbound on I-65 because there’s a light there that stopped you.”

In the 169-page document, the study lays out details of the plan to widen the road from two to four lanes, and details how the extending of a fence will affect access to the two gas stations along the route. The extension of Old Peytonsville Road, which now ends in a cul-de-sac outside the gas station, was to be the solution to eliminating the property’s main access point.

The convenience store was open in 2015 when a robbery occurred, though it is now unclear when the station and store closed. The listed phone number for the property has been disconnected.

Today, the shuttered gas station and convenience store sits north west of the Goose Creek Bypass, and is accessible by a Berry Farms construction access road and Old Peytonsville Road. Both are inconvenient ways to arrive at the property; it is likely the business has closed due to a decrease in business from elimination of their main access point.

“So that will never reopen, that will always be a cul-de-sac,” Skinner said.

Brooke Wanser is the associate editor for the Franklin Home Page, and can be reached at [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter at @BWanser_writes or @FranklinHomepg.


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