Mitsubishi event

More than 300 people registered for a Mitsubishi recruiting event at the offices of Williamson Inc. on Friday. / Photo Matt Blois


Hundreds of people showed up at the Williamson Inc. offices on Friday morning to meet with Mitsubishi recruiters.

Three hours into the event one recruiter had nearly lost her voice after talking to so many people. Despite the crowd, she said she was impressed by how friendly the community is and thinks Nashville will be a great place for Mitsubishi employees.

Job seekers pitched themselves to Mitsubishi representatives at cocktail tables, explaining what they could do for the company. Other community organizations just wanted to make a connection.

Williamson Inc. CEO Matt Largen said more than 300 people registered for the event. By noon the sign in sheet already had more than 200 names.

Recruiters had large stacks of business cards and a box was filled with resumes. One recruiter from the California headquarters said there were lots of recent college graduates looking for work and most of applicants were local.

According to flyers at the event, the company is looking for positions company wide. Mitsubishi has opening in nearly every department including sales, marketing, IT and human resources.

The move to Tennessee is part of a larger push to reinvent the company’s brand. The flyer for job applicants includes a quote from Mitsubishi North America’s CEO Fred Diaz, who used to work for Nissan in Williamson County, describing the change.

“Mitsubishi Motors is changing the way we go to market in the United States, and it is leading to a rebirth of the company,” Diaz said, according to the flyer. “This is the perfect time for us to move to a new home.”

Job seekers weren’t the only ones at the event. A team from Lipscomb University’s college of business was there to connect with Mitsubishi.

Director of student and business relations Marianne Van der Voort said the company could be a good place to place student interns or recruit students for the graduate school.

Joy Lehmann, the director of resource development and planned giving from the United Way of Williamson County, was happy to have the opportunity to connect with representatives from Mitsubishi.

She said the organization already partners with many business from Williamson County, and the meet and greet was a chance to start a relationship with Mitsubishi.      


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