Nearly two dozen Williamson County companies were listed as some of the fastest growing businesses in the country by the business magazine Inc.

The Brentwood logistics and transportation company FreightWise was named the second fastest growing company in the U.S.

The magazine publishes a list of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in the U.S. each year. The companies submit their own financial information to the magazine through an application process.

The 23 companies from Williamson County represent a large chunk of the 83 Tennessee companies that made the list. There were 19 companies from Nashville that made the list.

FreightWise achieved the highest ranking of any company in the region with a reported three year revenue growth of more than 30,000 percent. The company reported annual earnings of $33.6 million in 2018.

That means FreightWise earned close to $110,000 in 2015. Companies had to earn at least $100,000 of revenue in 2015 to qualify for the list.

Two other Brentwood companies also made the top 500. Perimeter Security Partners earned $15.3 million in annual revenue and more than 1,000 percent revenue growth. Staffing as a Mission reported $5.7 million in annual revenue and more than 1,200 percent growth.

The Brentwood staffing company Vaco had the highest annual revenue of any Williamson County company on the list with $517 million.

Vaco has been listed 13 times, more than any other company in the region. Cumberland Consulting Group, based in Franklin, has been listed 11 times.

Here are all the Williamson County companies that made the list.








FreightWise30,548%Logistics & Transportation$33.6 millionBrentwood
353Staffing as a Mission1,291%Business Products & Services$5.7 millionBrentwood
365Perimeter Security Partners1,248%Security$15.3 millionBrentwood
888MDsave477%Health$21.3 millionBrentwood
975Virtue Capital Management436%Financial Services$6.8 millionBrentwood
1198Ncontracts345%Software$12.4 millionBrentwood
16845by5243%Advertising & Marketing$3.2 millionBrentwood
1760Petra Coach231%Business Products & Services$5.1 millionFranklin
1827Senior Solutions Home Care223%Health$14.1 millionBrentwood
2441REN Dermatology163%Health$2.8 millionFranklin
2511Michael Hyatt & Company157%Business Products & Services$13.7 millionFranklin
2631EnableComp6148%Insurance$24.4 millionFranklin
2743TFS5139%Construction$14.6 millionCollege Grove
2969Abenity5126%Business Products & Services$7.1 millionFranklin
3692Confirmation.com1094%Financial Services$36.9 millionBrentwood
3840OnSite Fleet87%Logistics & Transportation$3.8 millionFranklin
4070Cumberland Consulting Group1179%Health$110.6 millionFranklin
4121Vaco77%Human Resources$516.8 millionBrentwood
4223Jonathan’s Grille873%Food & Beverage$24.4 millionFranklin
4233DBSync73%Software$2 millionBrentwood
4265Resource Communications Group72%Telecommunications$2.7 millionFranklin
4677Benchmark Realty561%Real Estate$64.9 millionFranklin
4752Jones Therapy Services59%Health$3.8 million


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